Singapore’s Little India

Here goes the first post of our beautiful 4days|3nights voyage in Singapore.

This was one spontaneous trip, we had no idea what we were going to do once we touch done. The only thing we were sure of was where we were going to stay and the fact that we wanted to have fun as a family.

We first visited Little India. A Singaporean neighbourhood east of the Singapore river. I have never been to India before but I guess this is more or less how Mumbai or Delhi looks like.

I found the colourful shophouses very fascinating. The smell of different spices in the air had me craving a biriyani dish accompanied by tea masala for breakfast. Apart from food there are also shops that sell Indian Saris, their famous Ayurvedic medicine, jewellery shops selling brass bracelets and gold jewellery, flower kiosks and fruit stands.

Unfortunately it was a tad crowded making it difficult to manoeuver our baby stroller without risking to stumble over someone’s tomatoes, so we made our visit short and grabbed a taxi back to the city.

Apart from Little India, there is also China town for Chinese, Kampong Glam also known as the Arab street and Geylang Serai for Malay. We did not have the opportunity to visit these neighbourhoods but I guess they are equally interesting and worth the visit.

Lora by Lora


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