Our weekend at Tamu Boutique Hotel in Sihanoukville.

Last weekend we took the long drive from Phnom-Penh to Sihanoukville. The journey was a tad tiring but it was all worth the hustle when we arrived at our final destination.
This was our first time in Sihanoukville so we really didn’t know what to expect apart from stories and experiences shared by friends who’ve visited before.We stayed at Tamu Boutique Hotel, which is located on Otres beach well known for its pristine waters. The moment we arrived we knew for sure we were in for an amazing time. One is welcomed by a cool breeze from the sea, sounds of waves and fresh air. Something we terribly miss in Phnom-Penh.

Tamu has 15 beautifully styled rooms. Minimal and functional is the theme. And they sell like hot cake especially during high season. The standard rooms which are also my favourite are located on the ground floor with direct access to the pool and a beautiful outdoor balinese bathroom.
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Staff members are friendly, VERY FRIENDLY, they were super sweet with our little Roby and even went an extra mile to make him mini plain pancakes for breakfast. Jessica one of the managers who checked us in is so kind, bubbly, easily approachable, always accessible and helpful.
We had planned to go on several day excursions while in Sihanoukville but serenity checked in with us and all we did was lay on the beach, soaked up some sun even though I really don’t need a tan and watched the day end with beautiful sunsets.
They say time flys when you are having fun. We sure had such an amazing time in Sihanoukville and an unforgettable stay at Tamu.


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Tamu Hotel Cambodia
Far end of Otres Beach 2
Tel: +855889017451

Lora by Lora



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