The Singapore Zoo is one of the main tourist attractions in Singapore, so on our second day we decided to go to this award winning zoo nestled within the Mandai rainforest.wpid-psx_20150901_130121wpid-psx_20150901_130217

Coming from a country rich in wildlife I have never been a fan of zoos. It depresses me seeing caged animals denied the freedom of movement. But I took the leap and I am glad I did because the Singapore zoo is far different from the one or two zoos I have visited before. Here you catch animals in their “natural” habitat, they are not caged, they live in pairs and have spacious enclosures to move around.


The zoo has guided trams but we enjoyed trekking on foot exploring at our own pace. Seeing animals that we have back in Kenya like the lion, graceful giraffes, rhinos, elephants, colombus monkeys, leopard etc brought back beautiful memories of Safaris in the Great Rift Valley. We also got to see white tigers for the first time.

Roby’s favourite part was the elephant show. His eyes were talking of excitement and curiosity. If there is one thing we did right in this trip was taking Roby to the zoo.


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