City Hopping In Kuala Lumpur

wpid-psx_20151029_072109When we landed in Kuala Lumpur I was a bit worried of the haze. This condition is caused by forest fires in the Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Kalimantan and as a result neighbouring countries like Malaysia and Singapore are also affected. Sometime last week flights to and from Langkawi had to been grounded due to poor visibility but we are lucky the condition in Kuala Lumpur wasn’t that bad so we still had a great time city hopping but minimized time spent outdoors.
JW Marriot Hotel
We stayed at JW Marriot. It is located in Bukit Bingtang, the shopping and entertainment district of Kuala Lumpur. If you are looking for somewhere to stay I highly recommend this area. Marriot has clean spacious rooms, friendly staff, well maintained facilities, great spa treatments and most important, on-call babysitters. Amen to that. We had someone look after our little one every evening for atleast 2 hours as we went out for a quiet dinner [Dear Dania, if you ever read this, know that we are forever grateful]. We will not hesitate going back if we ever visit KL again.


Starhill Gallery.
JW Marriot is connected to Starhill Gallery. A luxurious mall for upscale shoppers who roll high. Here you find the big names in the fashion industry and of course the big buyers who let their credit cards do the talking. I couldn’t afford a Louis Vuitton bag but at least I had an expensive capuccino and macaroons and a great haircut at Number 76 before stepping out for dinner. The capuccino was errrr not so good but the macaroons were tasty.
wpid-psx_20151021_113841Pavillion Shopping Mall
Just across JW Marriot is The Pavillion shopping mall. This seven storey world class mall houses 450 retail stores under one roof. Personally I enjoyed walking in and out of boutiques keeping up with the latest trends and must-have styles. I mean, who doesn’t love a little inspo. If fashion is not your cup of tea, don’t worry, there is everything else you can possibly imagine, even a cinema if you want to catch a movie. And when hunger strikes head over to level 6 where you will find a variety eateries.
wpid-psx_20151024_161425 wpid-psx_20151023_175356 wpid-psx_20151026_121018 wpid-psx_20151028_220848

Al-amar Restaurant [Lebanese]
We had a scrumptious Lebanese meal at Al-amar. I have never enjoyed so much hummus in my life. We went there three times in a row, ordering the same thing: Hummus and pita bread. They probably thought we were a weird family. With everything they had to offer all we wanted was the damn hummus and pita bread.
wpid-20151021_200616 wpid-psx_20151028_224856

La Boca Latino Bar [Latin]
Another place worth trying is La Boca Latino Bar located at Connection on level 3 still at Pavillion. The atmosphere is vibrant and their tacos are to die for. They also serve delicious cocktails, so go ahead and order a glass of pisco sour and enjoy Latino beats as you wait for your meal.

wpid-psx_20151023_214413 wpid-psx_20151023_214637 wpid-psx_20151024_203207 wpid-psx_20151023_215146

While in Kuala Lumpur we visited;

The Aquaria at KLCC
For those travelling with kids this is one place not to be missed. Our 2 year old was super excited thoughout the visit. The best part was going through the tunnel watching different species of fish including sharks swimming above us. On a beautiful sunny day one can also take a stroll at the KLCC park and enjoy the greenery. There is a pool area, waterfall and a big playground for kids. So remember to carry your swimwear and some sun block.
wpid-psx_20151026_120355 wpid-psx_20151026_120653 wpid-psx_20151026_120912

Batu Caves
We drove 7 miles north of Kuala Lumpur to see Batu caves. They are the sacred place for the Hindus in Malaysia. They consist of three main caves and a number of smaller ones. The caves are made of limestone that is believed to be around 400 million years old. The adventure is climbing 272 steps which will lead you to the religious and magnificent Batu Caves. Be aware of monkeys. They can be cheeky so try to keep your distance and your belongings close to you. Also remember to come in comfortable shoes.
wpid-psx_20151026_130729 wpid-psx_20151026_130835 wpid-psx_20151026_131557 wpid-20151022_123237

wpid-psx_20151025_202023Dataran Merdeka | Kuala Lumpur City Gallery | Textile Museum | Sultan Abdul Samad Building
Dataran Merdeka which means independence square is the core of Malaysia’s history. This is where the Malayan flag was hoisted to signify the country’s independence from the Bristish rule on 31st.August.1957. In front of the square is an eyecatching moorish design building: Sultan Abdul Samad. Impossible to not notice as it stands out. It was designed by a British architect A.C Norman and was completed in 1897 during the time of the British administration in Malaysia. It was used to house several government departments. Today, this historical building houses the Supreme and High Courts.
wpid-psx_20151023_174604 wpid-psx_20151023_174452 wpid-psx_20151025_203908 wpid-psx_20151023_174705

Railway Station.
This is another moorish architectural design that was built in 1910. The building is regal and fairytale like. A beautiful fusion of eastern and western design. It used to be Kuala Lumpur’s main railway hub until 2001 when KL Sentral took over as the city’s main intercity railway station. If you are a photography ethusiast this part of Kuala Lumpur is well-worth a visit.
wpid-psx_20151028_090938 wpid-psx_20151023_175057We opted to hire a private driver guide for the 5 days we were in KL and we were happy with our decision. He was so helpful and honest. Always on time and most important, patient with us. He also took time to explain everything we asked in detail. Plus he came in handy whenever we wanted to take family photos. We highly recommend him. His name is Thomas Raj. You can read more about him HERE. May you wish to use his services, drop him an email

This was our first trip to Malaysia but definitely not the last one. We still want to visit places like Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, The Old City of Malacca and relax on the beach in Langkawi. But for now I hope this post gives anyone planning to visit KL a step to the right direction.

Lora by Lora


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