img_20160213_143119.jpgEvery once in a while everybody needs a break to unwind, recharge and restore. When in Cambodia our ultimate escape destination is Sihanoukville. The sandy beaches of Otres have cast a love spell on us and we can’t help but go back every time an opportunity presents itself.psx_20160216_192425.jpgpsx_20160216_184609.jpgpsx_20160216_185208.jpgpsx_20160216_191517.jpgpsx_20160216_190906.jpgpsx_20160214_093612.jpgpsx_20160213_180438.jpgpsx_20160216_191423.jpgpsx_20160216_184819.jpgpsx_20160216_192332.jpgpsx_20160216_192220.jpgThis time we stayed at White Boutique Hotel. A cozy colonial style accommodation located on Otres 2 beach offering its visitors the perfect tropical getaway. They have a range of rooms differently priced starting from 100$.
The hotel is spic-and-span with a gleaming fresh look. The staff was friendly, helpful and always accessible. The rooms are spacious and very well equipped with all the necessary toiletries to make your stay as comfortable as possible.
The restaurant and bar runs through out the day, so you might have 101 problems but what to drink while soaking up some sun will not be one of them.
The hotel has a natural stone swimming pool with hydro-massage, the perfect place to escape the mid afternoon scorching heat and cool off. Next to the pool is a nice green area with bean bag chairs on the ground. It makes a good play area for those travelling with kids or a nice reading spot, if there are no kids around.
Since we were on a mission to kick back and relax we did not go on any excursions but if you want to visit around, there are a handful of things to do and places to see in Sihanoukville and the hotel can happily assist with the logistics.

While in Sihanoukville don’t miss out on the sunsets.They are almost surreal. Watching the sunset and the sky change colours is magical. So grab your favourite sun-downer, snuggle up and watch the sun set.psx_20160216_185326.jpgpsx_20160216_184906.jpgIf you are planning a trip to Sihanoukville, I totally recommend staying at White Boutique Hotel. Ideal for sunseekers and beach lovers, those travelling solo, with a loved one or even families with kids. My family and I had an epic stay. We essentially got what we paid for and wouldn’t hesitate going back again.

More Information
Marina Road, Otres 2 ,
Sihanoukville (Kompong Som),
Sihanoukville Province, Cambodia. 18000
TEL: +855 10 350 377

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