A Walk Down My Favourite Street In Phnom Penh | Where To Eat, Sleep, Shop and Relax On Street 240.

psx_20160310_181854.jpgPhnom Penh has many streets and narrow alleys, depending on what one is looking for these streets can either be overwhelming or awe-inspiring. I love walking along the riverside, watching boats float their way along Tonle sap, locals going about their day and food vendors preparing local delicacies.
Then there is street 240, my favourite street in Phnom Penh, the perfect eat, sleep, shop and relax kind of location. A tree shaded avenue with a good collection of boutiques, bars and eateries. At one end the street is the famous Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda which is a must-visit if you are planning a trip to Phnom Penh. My son’s school is also conveniently close so I always have an excuse to stop by for a nice cup of coffee at Eric Kayser. psx_20160323_093113.jpgpsx_20160324_151113.jpg

Where To Eat
Enso Cafè is one of the most gorgeous cafés in Phnom Penh. Perfect for Coperate lunches, family brunches and big group meet-ups. It is spacious, they have such beautiful interior decor, well lit, fresh and colourful.psx_20160315_045626  psx_20160315_050107 psx_20160315_045933 psx_20160219_020536The staff is friendly and very nice with kids. If you are looking for a quiet and more intimate space. The shop and The Chocolate Shop are other great alternatives.They are both owned by a Belgian, Giret Lorre. She moved in Phnom Penh in 1998. Opened the shop in 2001 and later in 2007 opened The Chocolate Shop. Lorre is very keen on quality production and sustainability of high standards and to ensure this, she takes the initiative to train her staff.

The shop has a selection of soups, quiches, pies, salads, sandwiches and wraps. I am a big fan of their giant macaroons especially raspberry and coffee. They are prepared to perfection and go down so well with coffee.psx_20160315_044436psx_20160315_044254The Chocolate Shop as the name suggests sells chocolate. Here you will find flavours like praline, hazelnut, coffee, Caramel and almond. You can also try chocolate based on cambodian flavours like Kampot pepper, mondulkiri honey, basil, lime, kampong speu sugar and sesame. If you happen to be in Phnom Penh next year for Valentines day remember to treat your loved one with a box full chocolates. I suggest not to wait until the last minute because they sell fast and a pack of Kinder Bueno is not bueno for Valentines.

Where To Shop
Lotus Silk has something for everyone. Be it a casual or formal dress that you are looking for. Or a beautiful scarf made from pure Cambodian silk that you want to give to someone special as a gift or a colourful kimono to go with that new dress that you bought but never got the perfect layer for it.psx_20160315_045449 psx_20160315_045126 psx_20160315_044929 psx_20160315_044813 psx_20160315_044712 psx_20160315_044539

I was lucky to meet Vannary, the lovely and passionate owner of this little haven. Vannary quit her 8-5 job to follow her passion. She started Lotus Silk with a mission is to preserve traditional skills and knowledge whilst providing long-term sustainable incomes for Cambodians in urban and rural low income communities. I bought myself a nice little something that I will share with you in the next post. So stay tuned. Lotus Silk also offers tailoring services. If you would like anything custom made for you, swing by their store and have a chat with Vannary. Or drop her an email: vannary@lotus-silk.com or vannarysan@gmail.com .

Coleurs D’Asie logo consists of two colours: Black and Red. A colour combination I absolutely go coco for. If it was not for my husband I would have our entire house in black and red. Okay. Maybe not “entire” but a good number of stuff would be in black and/or red.psx_20160310_182042 psx_20160310_181953 psx_20160310_181730 psx_20160310_181626 psx_20160310_115031At Coleurs D’Asie you find decorations and gifts of all tastes. They also produce custom made home textiles and home decoration, from curtains and blinds to table and bed linens. Apart from home decor they also have a good amount of clothes for both adults and children and just the other day I impulsely bought the cutest espadrilles for my little boy. It was like treasure hunt. You never know what you might find.

Where To Sleep
The White Mansion is a sophisticated colonial style boutique hotel that was a former residence of the US Ambassador. The hotel has 30 rooms. Elegant, clean, and very spacious. Basically your home away from home. Bathrooms are modern and refined creating such an intimate feeling.psx_20160324_144311 psx_20160324_144515 psx_20160324_145011 psx_20160324_145558 psx_20160324_150902 psx_20160324_150955
Lora by Lora


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