My 2016 Travel Plans

This year I will be discovering new places and revisiting others because no matter how many times you travel back to a place there is always something new to fall upon and a new experience to embrace.Khaolak and Pukhet, Thailand.
Khmer New Year is around the corner, so this year instead of staying back in Phnom Penh like we have always done for the past two years, we have decided to join two other families and go to the feel good destination, Thailand. We will spend 5 days in Khaolak and 3 days in Pukhet. Khaolak is approximately 60kms north of Pukhet. It is more serene with uncrowded beaches, secluded coastal resorts and family-friendly night time environment. While in Khaolak we are looking forward to string a hammock, kick back and relax to the sound of sea waves. In Pukhet we are planning to visit The Big Buddha, stroll around Old Pukhet town which apparently is a historical gem and worth a visit, maybe hire a speed boat to James Bond island or the famous Phi Phi Island. The Blonde Abroad has great trips and a very well drawn itinerary for anyone else planning to go on an Island-hopping adventure in Thailand.

Lyon, France
Don’t get me wrong, like most people J’adore Paris but the charming city of Lyon is closer to my heart. I am looking forward to cycling along the Rhône, wander the streets of Vieux Lyon, visit Musée des Beaux Arts and soak up some sun in their awe inspiring courtyard and maybe even take a cooking class with Jean-Luc or Jean-Claude or Jean-Jacques. Yes, I have something for french names which start with “Jean”. Lyon is known as the Capital of French gastronomy. So a trip to the Mecca of culinary delights is incomplete without visiting a good bouchon and trying out traditional Lyonnaise cuisine. Only One I’ve Got recommends two bouchons that I can’t wait to try.

Pianacci, Italy
Pianacci is a small village tucked amidst the awe inspiring countryside of Tuscany. It is always nice to come back to our little nest. Last year we spent summer in Cambodia so this year we are all geared for Italy. Life is quite laid back here, everyone knows everyone and people are very kind and friendly. It is serene with abundance of fresh air and picturesque landscapes. Long walks in the woods especially on a beautiful summer day is quite therapeutic. Tuscany has other glorious villages and medieval towns and this time I am on pins and needles to explore the stunning hill-town of Cortona, where one of my favourite movies: Under the sun of Tuscany was filmed.

East, west, home is definitely best. I love Kenya and I think I would still fall in love with my country even if I wasn’t Kenyan just like most people who visit do. I am planning to spend more time exploring our beauteous country and less time in my mother’s kitchen. The land of vibrant culture, The Great Rift Valley, the big cats, the land of graceful maasai and samburus who continue to inspire the world through their old ways of living, the land of white sandy beaches, palm-fringed coastline and picturesque landscapes. I am inspired by: Kenya, Stupidly Beautiful by Whispery Wind, Maasai Mara, Kenya’s Best Safari by Lizo Liz and Why You Have To Visit Sarova Salt Lick Taita hills by Nancie Mwai

So there you go. Four destinations, two have been confirmed and two are yet to be confirmed. I am planning with so much excitement and happiness it feels like I am already on vacation. This year started on a very bumpy note. It hasn’t been easy at all. But I try to keep it positive. We bend but we don’t break.

I am eager to hear, where are you going in 2016 ?


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