wpid-psx_20151014_120909On arrival in Siem Reap we were received at the airport and chaffeured directly to  Angkor Village where we spent 4 blissful days.wpid-psx_20151010_174313 wpid-psx_20151010_205131 wpid-psx_20151014_131211 wpid-psx_20151014_120949 wpid-psx_20151014_120218The resort is built around a lush tropical garden. Walking to and from the rooms, one is pleasantly entertained by beauteous butterflies flying around, birds singing and even frogs croaking.

Our room overlooked the garden with the swimming pool playing peek-a-boo through the trees. It was clean and spacious enough we were even able to set up a small playing area for Roby and his toys. The rooms are equipped with everything possible to make your stay comfortable. Our room had a big bath tub and I can not put in words the pleasure of coming back to soak oneself after a long day of touring. Purely cloud nine state of mind.wpid-psx_20151010_212741wpid-psx_20151014_131039We were able to visit the major temples and the city without any problem. There is always a tuktuk on standby by the entrance. We used the same tuktuk driver throughout our stay. He was very professional, amicable, helpful and most importantly consistent with his fee. At no given time did we feel like we were being over charged.

The resort has two restaurants allowing visitors to venture into an Indochina culinary journey. They serve Thai, Laos, Vietnamese and of course Khmer. Living in Cambodia for 2years kind of makes me an expert when it comes to two of my favourite Khmer dishes: Beef lok lak and Fish amok. Unfortunately I wasn’t very impressed with the beef lok lak. I had it three times but the flavours weren’t there and the portions were inconsistent. This didn’t make me less happier. Everything else was so perfect, the beef lok lak was least of my problems.wpid-psx_20151014_210418wpid-psx_20151014_120448wpid-psx_20151015_063955Our overall experience at Angkor Village Resort and Spa was memorable. The staff is very hospitable and accomodating. What I miss the most is their 200m swimming pool that runs around like a river. It felt like waking up in a beautiful jungle.wpid-psx_20151014_115859 wpid-psx_20151014_120316 wpid-psx_20151011_073359wpid-psx_20151014_131408

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