wpid-psx_20151017_2159001 wpid-psx_20151017_2155511 wpid-psx_20151017_2200321 wpid-psx_20151017_2207541 wpid-psx_20151017_2208441 wpid-psx_20151017_2154571 wpid-psx_20151017_2153021 wpid-psx_20151017_2210521 wpid-psx_20151019_1254471 wpid-psx_20151017_2210521 wpid-psx_20151017_2151131Angkor Wat is a temple complex in Cambodia and the largest religious monument in the world. It has been in existence since early 12th century and it is believed to be the earthly representation of Mount Meru. It is famous for its 2000+ exquisite  carved Apsaras beautifully depicted on the walls.

Angkor Wat is the heart of Cambodia, people come from all corners of the world to see Angkor Wat, you will never understand why until you lay your eyes on this awe-inspiring structure that is unique and beyond stunning.

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