psx_20160411_1122221“Khao Lak” literally means “Lak mountain”, which is one of the main peaks in the mountainous region within Khao Lak-Lam Ru National Park.
It is approximately 60kms north of the island of Pukhet along Thai Route 4 which is one of the four major highways of Thailand. Pukhet International Airport [HKT] is 74kms south on the Island of Pukhet.20160414_1605061Hubby and I are spontaneous travellers but this time we planned this trip ahead with the help of our friends and even got a good deal with Air Asia. There are no direct flights from Phnom Penh to Pukhet so we had to go via Thailand, Don Mueang International Airport [DMK]. We arrived in Pukhet at 2340h, at this point we were all exhausted, no one was talking, Roby had fallen asleep, guess where, on my arms and had us regret why we didn’t bring along our baby stroller, which by the way was hubby’s brilliant idea. Fortunately the hotel was kind enough to send pick-up and we were glad to find our driver patiently waiting. It took us 1h30mins to get to our hotel and since it was too dark to see anything outside I snoozed all the way as hubby and the driver kept each other busy. We checked in past midnight and our R&R officially began in what looked like a tropical paradise.20160413_1822121Pullman Khao Lak Katiliya Resort and Villas is a contemporary Thai style resort sandwiched between a glorious sandy beach and untouched Khao Lak rainforest. The location is serene and slow paced instinctively making it the perfect getaway destination for families, honeymooners or anyone looking for a hideaway to kick back and unwind.psx_20160422_1741481psx_20160411_190124120160413_1845451The resort has 320 rooms available in Deluxe, Suites and Villas with private pools. Our room had a gorgeous view of the pool and lush tropical garden but I must admit everyday I went to sleep wondering how romantic it could be living in one of the beachfront villas with an unbeatable view and waking up to the sound of the Andaman sea. How romantic !!psx_20160422_0931021psx_20160422_173943120160413_1835081psx_20160422_1740591psx_20160422_1738001There are five onsite restaurants serving both local and other international cuisines. We enjoyed a good dose of Thai cuisine and for the first time I tried Tom yum soup [I know, I know, where have I been all my life] I just had to try it in Thailand and now I am hooked. If you follow me on Instagram then you know I was on a Margharita diet. The pool side bar makes delicious, irresistible frozen Margharitas. We have never had so much alcohol in a row. The secret is drinking it while it is still frozen. I am sitting here, drafting this post with a nasty cold and a throat infection but I tell you guys it is all worth it.psx_20160426_161007moldiv_1461661577726The resort is on a glorious 13km spread of pristine beach and at one end of the beach is Rimlay: a small local restaurant that mainly serves Thai cuisine. They have an extensive menu to choose from and a kids menu just incase you are travelling with kids. They prepare their food using fresh local ingredients. You get to choose your own seafood and have it prepared. A must try is their grilled king prawns, squid in garlic pepper sauce and chicken with cashew nuts. All this comes with your choice of rice. Excellent service, delicious food and overall great ambience. The kids had fun building sand castles as we enjoyed our dinner. I wouldn’t hesitate going back.psx_20160413_1921511Khaolak town is a short drive away. It is what a beach town should be like, low key but lively at the same time with plenty of restaurants, bars and shops. We only had a chance to try out one which I highly recommend, Mojo: A Thai restaurant. I liked the service here, the manager was chap chap and very sharp at taking orders. I had another share of hot and sour Tom yum soup followed by steamed fish with lime and garlic sauce. The kids menu had a good amount of dishes to select from. Roby is not a fan of meat but he did clear his plate of spaghetti bolognaise and said “mama more”. That is a statement.psx_20160422_0659151 psx_20160422_0658411 psx_20160422_0657371 psx_20160422_0656461 psx_20160422_0655361 psx_20160422_0654561These were the only two occasions we decided to try out something out of our little paradise, otherwise we didn’t need to. The resort is structured in such a way you have anything and everything you need and you never have/want to go out until it is time to check out. The service is impeccable, the staff is friendly, our room was spacious enough and comfortable with everything we needed and the breakfast buffet was amazing. I managed to eat clean with all the available fresh juices and greens. They even had infused water and most importantly good coffee. A little bird must have told them I was coming. The only thing I couldn’t tolerate seeing is watching adults serving themselves amounts and amounts of food they clearly know they can not finish. It’s disgusting seeing how much food is wasted everyday when there are other people are starving. Let’s respect and appreciate what we have.psx_20160422_07005020160413_152859My favourite activity was drinking Margharitas at happy hour while watching cute little squirrels jump from one bed to another. My friend nicknamed them “musungu squirrels” because of their white colour. But there are other activities that don’t involve your head spinning like Tennis, windsurfing, Sunrise Yoga, Acqua Gym, Beach Volleyball, Thai cooking, mini-golf etc. The resort updates it’s activity board everyday to let visitors know what will be happening at what time. Khao Lak has one. For snorkeling enthusiasts, day trips to Similan and Surin Islands can be organised at an extra cost. Don’t ask me about snorkeling, I can barely jump in a 2metres swimming pool. I prefer watching sea life on Natgeo.20160413_163840Pullman Khaolak Katiliya Resort and Villas caters for all kind of travellers so if you are a family with kids I’m happy to inform you there is a kids club. When it got too hot to stay outdoors Roby and I would hideaway at the kids club which is well stocked with baby toys, games and movies. Children less than 4 years have to be accompanied by an adult. The hotel can also provide babysitters but you need to inform them atleast a day in advance. Hubby and I jumped at the opportunity and had one morning to ourselves.
If there is one thing I would change or ask the management to replace is the hot water kettle in the rooms. That kettle gave me a very hard time trying to heat water. Otherwise everything else was perfetto.psx_20160422_064907They say time flies when you are having a great time and that is what exactly happened. They also say, where there is good food and good company there is happiness so I want to thank our good friends Mouna and Nacio and their good friends Christian and Viviana for the unbeatable company and endless laughter at dinners. You are a big part of our awe-inspiring experience.psx_20160412_232508

Lora by Lora x

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