psx_20160416_112139This was day 5, we were heading to Pukhet for the second half of our holiday in Thailand. Our driver was right on time. Checked out and said adios to Khaolak and all their yummy Margaritas. We pull up at Pukhet Panwa Beach Front Resort, an elegant seafront resort with an unbeatable view of the Andaman sea. At this point we want to take it all in, but first, food.psx_20160428_120259psx_20160422_135920psx_20160415_164546If you are looking to chill out, take long walks on the beach, have some nice quiet time by the pool bar, this is the place for you. The resort is located in a quiet, unspoilt part of Pukhet. There is basically nothing much to do but lazy around.psx_20160422_174746psx_20160422_140346psx_20160422_174549The hotel has five diverse dinning settings: Patio Al Fresco serving Italian cuisine, Mosaic serving Thai and Pan-Asian cuisine, Biscuit: a bakery cafe, Lobby Lounge and Splash bar for drinks. Panwa’s breakfast buffet is more Asian, but I enjoyed some of their A la carte dishes like this one….20160415_160531Kids enjoyed pizza from Patio Al Fresco. We were on holiday, pizza everyday for lunch was absolutely okay. hashtag cool mum! Barbecue buffet was delicious, I couldn’t get enough of their lamb chops. After a series of frozen margharitas, a good dose of healthy infused water and cocktails at the Splash bar came in handy. Am the bartender always wore her smile throughout the day, very friendly, helpful and always accessible.psx_20160416_125434 psx_20160416_174159Pukhet Old Town is only 10minutes drive away and since I’d read alot of good and okay reviews we decided to take a break from beach bumming and go explore. It is basically a historical town doted with beautifully preserved shop houses, quaint cafes, small museums and old colonial mansions. Personally, I enjoyed strolling around, taking in all the impressive architecture that dons this town. Hubby on the other hand felt otherwise so after a bit we decided to escape the heat and hopped into Cafè del sol. There is a night market on Saturday and Sunday, unfortunately we didn’t go but I got good vibes just seeing vendors setting up their stalls. I’m sure the town lights up at night with music, street food and shopping.psx_20160422_172917 psx_20160422_173102 psx_20160422_173346 psx_20160422_135127 psx_20160422_134755The only thing that was dissapointing is we visited during low tide season so there was basically not enough water to swim in the sea. Unfortunately this is nature and there is nothing the resort can do about it but it is good to be informed before booking. Otherwise our overall experience was great. The staff was friendly and helpful, rooms are spacious and comfortable and we enjoyed our stay and waking up to a beauteous [ I use this word alot] sunrise everyday.psx_20160422_140140 psx_20160418_075754Roby and I enjoyed yoga on the beach in the morning and playing at kids club in the afternoon while hubby watched tennis at the Lobby lounge.psx_20160416_200309This marked the end of our 10days holiday in Thailand. Read my previous post: Luxury Escape: Our Stay At Pullman Khaolak Katiliya Resort and Villas. moldiv_1460870578503Once in a year, go some place you have never been before -Dalai Lama

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