Why I Love My Samsung Galaxy Note 4

psx_20160303_052456After the birth of our son so much changed in our lives and my handbag was not spared during this transition. If you are a mother then you understand just how much we have to carry in those tots especially when they are only months old. When you have to bring along diapers, wipes, baby bottles, extra clothes for change you name it, there is no room for big cameras, tripods, ipad/laptop and a zillion USB cables. As much as I loved my Nikon I knew I had to swap it for something manageable. A device that works well as a camera, phone and a mini computer. After days of research online, watching endless review videos on C-net and talking to some gadget gurus I settled for a Samsung galaxy note 4. Best decision ever.
1.Photo Quality
Thanks to its 16 megapixel camera with optical image stabilization it takes clear excellent outdoor shots especially during the day, you almost don’t need any editing. Unfortunately night shots are not very clear so Photoshop Express comes in handy.

2.S-Note and Stylus
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes with a stylus. I use it instinctively to jot down my shopping lists, to-do lists, take notes and even organise blog content. My son loves doodling, so for a few minutes of distraction I let him play around with it. At times I draw stuff and he colours or he just scribbles until he is on to the next disaster.

3.Fast Charging Mode
Gone are the days when I had to wait for hours to have a fully charged phone. Fast charging mode allows me to charge my phone upto 50% in only 30 minutes.

4. Powerful Performance and Good Connectivity
It runs smoothly with different open apps in the background. I enjoy multi-tasking and switching between apps without any glitches or delays. Uploading and downloading blog content is as easy as using an ordinary computer.

5.Vibrant Screen
I am always going through my blog feed to see what’s new in the blogsphere and it is pleasant using my Note 4 because of its gorgeous display.

6.Screen Customization
What I love most about my Note 4 and Android in general is the ability to customise your screen. Whether you are looking for something whimsical or strictly business Android has tools that will transform how you interact with your device. On my home screen I have apps and widgets that I use often. For example my wordpress widget that shows my blog stats and notifications without having me sign in. My places widget which automatically loads apps that are relevant to my location. When I am out and about, it shows apps that tell my location and nearby places. When I am at the gym, it shows my workout playlist and fitness apps. I call it my virtual assistant. It is just “smart” like that.

7. Scrapbook
Scrapbook is an application that helps you collect and collate content from various webpages and make a digital scrapbook. I see a recipe I want to try, I cut and save it on scrapbook. I spot a gorgeous dress I want to recreate, I cut and save it on scrapbook. Incredibly useful.

I am curious to find out what gadgets and devices other bloggers are using especially when you are on the move and don’t want to carry your entire office with you.

Lora by Lora.


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