Cambodia | Sicilia Wine Dinner At Terrazza Restaurant

moldiv_1457681112238For the past three months Terrazza Restaurant has been on a mission to take its customers to a culinary journey with its “Regioni d’Italia” exclusive dinners. They have so far done Piemonte, Tuscany, Emilia Romagna and this month was the beauteous island of Sicilia.moldiv_1457681093574Our friends were running late so we decided to kick start the evening with our go-to cocktail drink: Aperol-spritz. Mr. Davide, the deli-shop manager knows his customers too well so he treated us with a complementary plate of Italian cold cuts, focaccia and olives.moldiv_1457681163569We were then ushered to our already set table and presented with the evening’s menu.psx_20160310_070254The appetizer was served immediately: Orange Salad With Prawn. Not only was it too beautiful to eat but also delicious. The prawn and the tangy sweet taste of orange made the perfect combination. It was accompanied with Purato Catarratto-Pinot Grigio. A beautiful blend of 60% Catarratto and 40% Pinot Grigio. It has a fruity taste and is fine in texture with a lingering dry finish. It combines very well with seafood starters and also good enough as a daily aperitif white wine.psx_20160310_070142When you look at the map Sicilia is quite close to Tunisia. So the entrée was a clear indication of North Africa’s influence. I must also add it was the super star of the evening: Squid Ink Couscous with Cuttlefish Ricotta and Sun-dried Tomatoe accompanied by Planeta-La Segreta Bianco . A young fresh white wine produced mainly from Grecanico grapes: 50% Grecanico, 30% Chardonnay, 10% Fiano and 10% Viognier. It is called after the wood that surrounds Planeta’s vineyard at Ulmo.psx_20160310_070226The main course was eyes-rolling-back-in-your-head delicious ! Lamp Chop in Almond Crust with Eggplant. Accompanied by Plumbago, Nero D’Avola. Ideal for Mediterranean cuisine based on vegetables and particularly with meat of all types. It is called after the beautifully coloured purple wild flower that grows in the woods surrounding the baglio and vineyards of Ulmopsx_20160310_070420For dessert we had an elegant Sicilian style Almond Pudding, Bianco Mangiare. A healthier and lighter alternative to panna cotta. I must confess, I had never heard of it before until two days ago. But I guess that is the whole idea for such evenings, discovering something totally new. This was accompanied by Cécilia, Aleatico. A sweet red wine that I am still trying to figure out.

That marked the end of our Sicilian curlinary experience. The staff at Terrazza always does an excellent job at ensuring their customers are happy. Mr. Antonio the manager was the Sommelier of the evening so most of this info is actually thanks to him. Last but not least, the chef did an excellent job. If you are a regular at Terrazza then you also know he always does an excellent job.

Lora by Lora


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