psx_20160617_175850.jpgWhile in Lyon and looking for other places to visit, this beautiful city of art and history is an experience you don’t want to miss especially if you are a history buff. It is located 32 kilometres south of Lyon, on the Rhône river. It was a major center of the Roman empire and has many historical monuments that draw crowds.

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The imposing Temple of Augustus and Livia built in 1BC.

Roman Antique Theatre, It is a first century AD theatre said to have once been amongst the largest in Roman Gaul.

The Garden of Cybele with its Gallo-Roman archaeological remains.

The Romanesque Saint-André-le-Bas Church with its superb cloisters. It has many fine stone carvings, columns and ornately carved capital stones, and are now used for various art exhibitions throughout the year.

The 13th century former cathedral of Saint Maurice. It is a beautiful combination of both roman and gothic styles.

For a fantastic view over Vienna’s rooftops and the surrounding hills, climb to the top of Mount Pipet where a Chapel and a statue of the Virgin Mary stand. On a clear day you will also see Pilat mountain range while at the top.

If you are a jazz fan you will be happy to know this city of art and history also hosts a major music event: the Vienne Jazz Festival, in the prestigious surroundings of the Roman theatre every first fortnight in July.

Lora by Lora. x



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