Tips For Flying With A Toddler

PSX_20170711_0021181.Download Kids Apps
Before you travel, download some kids games or kid-friendly apps to your smartphone. Remember to switch off your phone during take off and landing and put it on Airplane mode. Stickers are also great for keeping children entertained for a while. Alternatively scan through the airline inflight entertainment. I was lucky this time Qatar Airways had R’s favourite movie: The good dinosaur. That was one hour of bliss.

2.Bring extra supplies
Bring as much food and as many toys as you can fit into your carry-on luggage.

3.Burn Energy
let your kid burn energy before you board. We love going up and down the escalators. If you are lucky some airports have playgrounds for kids, spend a few minutes or hours there as you wait for your next flight but remember to always keep an eye on him or her.

4.Board Last
I know we all look forward to priority boarding but next time board at the last minute and safe yourself an extra half hour on the plane.

5.Ease Ear Pain.
Bring lollipops for takeoff and landing. The sucking will help prevent your child’s little ears from hurting due to the air-pressure changes in the cabin during those times.

6.Choose An Aisle Seat
Make sure one of your seats is an aisle seat just incase your restless toddler wants to go up and down the aisle.

7. Cross Your Fingers
Because at times none of the above works. Kids have a mind of their own. 4hrs to our destination R looks at me determined as he unbuckles his safety belt and tells me, ” mama aeroplane finino” meaning he is done flying. Shit went down. I almost asked the pilot to allow us use our life jackets. Like, “Its okay, we will just get off here. We will be fine. We will find our way to Lyon. Jumping off a plane can’t be that hard“.

Do you have any tips or magic portion ? I would like to hear from other mums out there.

Lora by Lora


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