My Current Favourite Yves Rocher and So’Bio Ètic Beauty Products.

wp-image-1919089409jpg1. Yves Rocher Light and Luminous Foundation
It is light coverage and gives a natural luminous finish. Perfectly blends well with my skin without giving that thick heavy feeling that other foundations do.

2. So’Bio Ètic Liquid Eye Liner
So’Bio ètic is a french brand that produces certified organic beauty and cosmetic products. If you have sensitive, easily irritable eyes like I do, then this is the eye liner for us. It is enriched with camomile floral water making it gentle to the eyes. Other than that, it is easy to apply and drys fast.

3. So’Bio Ètic Kajal
Kajal is a less messy alternative if you find it difficult using liquid eye liner like I do. It has a long lasting wearability and is also gentle to the eyes. You can’t go wrong with either of the two.

4. Yves Rocher Lip Gloss
I have never been a big fan of lip gloss because the ones I have tried in the past are either too sticky or just way too glittery. This is my first time using Lip gloss from Yves Rocher and I am totally smitten. They are as translucent as water and non- sticky. These are my three favourite colours and I am having fun wearing them.

5. Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp Ultra-Volume Mascara
Not the kind of mascara that will last you 12h but I still love it. The brush is big enough to reach all my lashes and gives them volume. Unfortunately if you are too generous with application some of the product might transfer onto eyelid so you might want to limit blinking until it is dry. #Lestruggle of looking beautiful.

6. Yves Rocher Automatic Lip Liner
For a natural lip definition I love using lip liners. Yves Rocher Automatic Lip Liners are rich in colour and long lasting. I can’t wait to experiment with other shades.


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