Today I woke up full of vim and vigour so I decided to swing by Salcedo Saturday Market which is just a few blocks away from our apartment.

Salcedo Saturday Market is vibrant and quite appealing to walk through the many stalls selling a variety of cooked food. Mostly Filipino dishes but you can also find other foreign food like Thai, Japanese and Spanish. Today we tried Chilli Rolls known as Lumpiang Dinamita. A popular pinoy finger food that is simple yet delicious.

Apart from prepared food there are also vendors selling flowers, plants, fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood and other touristy stuff you might want to buy as souvenirs or gifts for friends and family back home. Today we bought a pack of mini confitures produced locally for our Nonna. 

The market runs from 6am to 1pm so I suggest you come early to secure yourself a parking space. Bring a shopping bag and an empty stomach. It can be crowded so you might want to take care of your belongings as you walk around. 

Lora by Lora. 



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