Italian Wedding In One of Italy’s Olders Town: Pisa

20161001_103338Pisa is a city in Italy’s Tuscany region best known for its iconic Leaning Tower. Already tilting when it was completed in 1372. Thousands of visitors from around the globe come to admire this magnificent tower. It is a once in a lifetime time experience climbing the 300 steps up the tower. I highly recommend. My favourite part of hanging around Piazza dei Miracoli is watching most tourists trying to capture the classic “holding up the tower” shot. It is such a spectacle. I have done it once too.
Apart from The Leaning Tower, there is also the Cathedral and Baptistery and Cemetery which are incredible historical sites that are worth visiting. You can either buy individual tickets for each monuments of get a multi-site ticket.

Due to our last minute booking we ended up in a not-so-cool pension. Being a weekend everywhere else was fully booked so we were left with no choice. But the beauty of staying minutes away from The Miracle Field {Piazza Dei Miracoli} we enjoyed a romantic breakfast for two with a splendid view of the Leaning Tower before getting ready for the big day.psx_20160928_153218The wedding ceremony took place in Piazza Dei Cavalieri. Another stunning square with impressive architecture and statues. The groom and his crew arrived in a pedal taxi which was unique and unexpected.

Guided tours using pedal taxis are becoming common in big cities and I think it is a clever idea. Convenient those who can’t ride bicycles, too lazy to walk or have limited time but still want to spend an hour or two visiting a new city. I first saw them in Lyon and now in Pisa but I bet there are everywhere else.

The reception was held at Locanda Sant’Agata: a farmhouse located in the countryside of San Giuliano in Pisa. This beautiful property has a big garden with picturesque views which naturally makes it perfect for wedding receptions.

The weather was perfect with clear blue skies, the cocktail bar was set in the garden serving classic Italian Prosecco and Spritz among other drinks and finger foods. We walked around making new friends and catching up with old ones while listening to the live band’s nice relaxing beats and guess what, they even had a kids corner with a kids menu and nannies to look after them. Pure bliss.
After the cocktail came the food. Italian wedding celebrations Is all about the food and the wine. And this one was no different: Four appetizers, Two First Course and One Second Course. It was indeed The Italian style kind of feast. After all you only get married once in a life time.
They say nothing is perfect, but this day was beyond perfect. Thanks to the beautiful bride and groom for making us part of this memorable day. Here is a toast to love and laughter and happily ever after.
Viva Gli Sposi!!


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