Venice Grand Canal Mall in McKinley 

psx_20161101_123859The beauty of living in Metro Manila though, is the endless possibilities of things to do and places to see. Last week curiosity took us to Venice Grand Canal Mall in McKinley. The idea behind this creation was inspired by the architecture and waterways of the Italy’s most romantic city; Venice. 

psx_20161111_0834183It is a lovely place to hang out with friends. Very picturesque with brightly coloured house shops for the perfect backdrop. There are also a number of cafés and restaurants. For a Spanish Italian experience try Toni & Sergio. Their risotto is flavourful and the portion is fair.psx_20161111_0833011psx_20161111_083734psx_20161111_083047psx_20161111_0836121wp-image-898306603jpgwp-image-1370985880jpg

Lora by Lora


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