Ayala Museum in Makati, Philippines

psx_20161120_202353After 2 months of living in Metro Manila I finally made it to Ayala Museum; a six storey Art and History museum located in Ayala centre next to Greenbelt mall.
There are 60 handicrafted dioramas that show the Philippines historical events in a chronological order, from ancient to modern times. And a collection of crafted ship models that contributed to the Philippine Maritime trade. 
If you ever wondered why The Philippines is known as “The Land of Gold“. The fourth floor hosts an exquisite collection of gold that highlights the sophistication and richness of The Philippines culture before colonisation. Here you will find more than one thousand objects of gold; Jewellery, funerary masks, ceremonial weapons and other ritualistic objects. 

There is also an exhibition of embroidered silk trousers that were worn by Philippine elite men back in the day. Being a lover of textiles, textures and all things artisanal I instinctively fell in love with the collection.

A visit to Ayala Museum is literally a crash course on art, culture, history and background of this beautiful country and it’s people. It is worth a visit.

Open 9am-6pm
Residents – P225
Non-Residents – p425


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