My Favourite Things To Do In Florence

psx_20161008_130303Ponte Vecchio
Ponte Vecchio which means Old Bridge is the most famous and oldest bridge in Florence dating back 1345. It joins the city centre with the district of Oltrarno on the south bank of River Arno. It’s beauty is breathtaking especially when viewed from a distance. It is best known for the many jewelry shop houses built on the bridge.

Piazza Della Signoriawp-image-2026191978jpg

This L-shaped square is the main square in Florence and the political heart of the city since the 14th century. It was named after the Palazzo della Signoria also known as Palazzo Vecchio {Town Hall}.
Piazza Della Signoria is like an outdoor museum with fascinating celebratory works of art. There are various historical sculptures, each one of them telling glorious stories.

Uffizi Gallery
Adjacent to the piazza is Uffizi Gallery: Italy’s prominent art museum which is absolutely not to be missed. The museum holds some of the most beautiful master pieces of art in one-of-a-kind setting. I suggest getting a pre-booked ticket to avoid standing on queue for a long time.

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Piazzale Michelangelo
It is located on a hill in the district of Oltrarno on the south bank of River Arno. This large square is popular because it offers stunning panoramic views over the city of Florence day or night. Just a few minutes walk from the Piazzale is the monastery of San Miniato al Monte.

San Miniato al Monte
A basilica in Florence standing on one of the highest points in the city. It has been described as one of the finest Romanesque structures in Tuscany and one of the most scenic.

Florence Cathedral
Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore { Cathedral of Saint Mary of The Flower} otherwise known as The Duomo is the most iconic landmark in Florence, the main church in Florence and the third largest church in the world. This typical Italian gothic style building is an architectural wonder made up of impressive sculptures, a collection of colourful Italian marble, splendid stained glasses, statues and reliefs. Don’t be discouraged by the long queues, the wait is totally worth it once you are inside as the interior preserves very important art work. My favourite feature of the Duomo is The Porta della Mandorla which is located on the north side.

Gelato Break
In between sightseeing I love me a gelato break. Not too far from The Duomo is my go-to gelateria in Florence: Grom. They have high quality ice cream made of natural ingredients. Their gelatos are always creamy smooth and undoubtedly delicious. Be prepared to line up as there is always a long queue. If you are not patient to wait then try out these Top Gelato Shops in Florence recommended by Visit Florence.

Lora by Lora. x


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