PSX_20180428_113414A month ago, I braved up and took my first 200hr intensive Yoga Teacher Training [Vinyasa]. The apprenticeship demands utmost physical and mental dedication, and I wouldn’t have been able to commit without the support of my family.Our day started with meditation at 6am and asana practice, followed by a series of classes until 5pm. There was also a one-hour breakfast and lunch recess at 0800hrs and 1300hrs respectively. Sundays were elusive; and when they arrived; they rushed by so fast, that in a blink of an eye, it was Monday again, and I was back on the mat. There were days I wanted to give up, just turn off my alarm and take a Laura Lazy day, but despite the fatigue I endured! Completing 200hrs of training was not as easy as I had imagined but it was worth it, and I am already looking forward to do another one before the end of the year.


Thanks to our Anatomy class, I became more enlightened, and thus in-tune with my body and its functionality. I am fascinated by how our bodies move, the different muscles and joints manipulated to get into different positions and how to avoid injuries. I have become kinder to my body that allows me to move.

Breathe away turbulent thoughts and anxiety to achieve relaxation. Only a relaxed mind can deal with all of life’s slings and arrows.

We tend to stay in our comfort zones practicing things we are familiar with, surrounding ourselves with people who share mutual interests. We are controlled by our beliefs and deny ourselves the freedom to try new things, meet new people and learn new things. Yoga training was definitely something out of my comfort zone. And as scary as it was, the experience introduced “me” to “myself”.

On or off the mat being mindful is a skill that I am practicing now more than ever. While listening, talking, walking, eating, practicing yoga, doing house chores, playing with my son etc. When we are mindful, we are consciously present, we are more aware of our thoughts; we are living in the present. We are not missing out on life’s little pleasures thinking about the future or the past. We are here and we feel alive.

When we practice something regularly, we can only get better at it: A yoga pose, a skill, a new language etc. I still go through my notes, I attend yoga classes more than ever and I still keep my home practice. With the goal to be the best version of myself as a yoga teacher I am learning to enjoy the journey and be more compassionate with others and myself.

Thanks to the amazing teachers at Yoga+ for the effort and sharing your knowledge. Even after completing our training you still nurture and encourage us as we cultivate our own style and voice as new teachers.

The Yoga+ VYTT2017 group for the support, love and hugs we shared together. Being on this journey with you guys is a blessing. I can’t say this enough times, I love you all.

Love and Light.

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