20170507_115452Hubby and I are passionate travelers. Apart from experiencing new places and immersing ourselves in culture of various locales, we also both enjoy collecting tangible reminders of our trips. For the most part, hubby keeps an eye out for pieces from local artists, while I tend to lean towards home décor items.

Indonesia is one of our favorite countries when it comes to unique art galleries and chic home décor boutiques. We recently had 12 hours to spend in Jakarta before our Escape To Lombok, so what better way to spend it than to hop from one shop to another. It was a great day spent in great company!

Kopi Boutique
A nice cup of cappuccino at Kopi Boutique jumpstarted our day. I enjoyed every sip as we planned our itinerary. Kopi Boutique is nice and cozy—definitely a place I would frequent if I lived in Jakarta. The coffee was so good; I regret not grabbing a pack from their store. Perhaps next time!PSX_20170413_112412PSX_20170413_112346PSX_20170413_112436PSX_20170413_112517PSX_20170413_112549Kopi Boutique
JI. Puri Sakti 1 Buntu No.36, Antasari
12410 Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone: +622175916198

JI Kemang Timur
Our host Marisa, who is also a very good friend, suggested shopping in Kemang, a vibrant shopping haven, and most charming neighborhood. There are a number of stores along Kemang, ranging from fancy big boutiques to tiny shop houses. Needless to say, hubby and I ended up like kids in a candy store. Our first purchase was the well-known traditional Javanese statue called the Loro Blonyo, or the “Inseparable Couple”. A symbol of prosperity and harmony, the statue was a special find for us. Plus, we got it at a fair price from a tiny shop house that mainly sells wooden photo frames. I guess it was our lucky day!


Our next stop was at Confetti, a furniture and gift shop. A fair warning before we proceed: this is not the kind of store where you can just swing by for five minutes. You need time and energy to spend here, so consider that in planning your visit. You also need to stay mindful, to avoid buying the entire store! Yes, that’s how good their goods are!

Confetti has a wide range of homeware, mostly sourced in Indonesia by its owner. Expect a variety of quirky items to spice up your home: Indonesian artifacts, wooden furniture, home accessories, textiles and kitchenware. I couldn’t stop gushing at everything! In the end, I scored a versatile pompom basket, a bamboo candle holder, and a set of silver napkin rings. This is definitely one of my favorite stores, and I highly recommend it.

Jl. Kemang Timur 27a
Jakarta Selatan
Opening hours
Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm | Saturday – Sunday 10:00am – 4:00pm
Email: Dewi Evans the owner at
Phone: +62 21 7179 2024

Koi Restaurant and Gallery
After a lifetime in Confetti we were tired, thirsty, and a couple of dollars less. Marisa, our guide du jour, brought us to Koi Restaurant and Gallery, still in Kemang. Koi is a three-floor bar, restaurant, and art and furniture gallery rolled into one. They feature a collection of high quality locally made furniture and Indonesian antiques, and painting exhibitions, which made us feel like we just jumped from the pan into the fire.PSX_20170413_122123PSX_20170413_112057PSX_20170413_122211
Koi Restaurant and Gallery
JI Kemang Raya no.72
Jakarta 12730-021719 5668

Chic Mart
Our final stop was Chic Mart. This is another home décor store, ideal for buying home accessories and souvenirs. I found pleasure going through their fashion and accessories section. Chic mart has a variety of summer wear ranging from stylish cotton dresses to long casual maxis. They also have a collection of statement jewelry and vibrant woven clutch bags, perfect for adding a pop of color to your outfit. I couldn’t resist buying a beautiful piece for myself.20170507_120949PSX_20170413_111605Jl. Kemang Raya 55
Jakarta 12730
Phone: (021)7197313

Le Seminyak
We said goodbye to Jakarta by treating ourselves to a sumptuous Balinese meal at Le Seminyak on Jalan Cipete. The first thing that caught my attention was the restaurant’s front porch, which had arm chairs and colorful throw pillows. It was a space I would have loved to get lost in with a book while sipping on something. The interior was equally tasteful, with wooden chairs and hanging woven lamps, creating a warm homey atmosphere.PSX_20170506_074308

I had beef rendang, my all-time favorite Indonesian dish. The beef was well done, with just the right amount of galangal, turmeric, kaffir leaves, and lemongrass, rendering it bold and flavorful.PSX_20170506_074437PSX_20170506_074528PSX_20170506_074138All in all, we had a delightful dining experience at Le Seminyak.
Le Seminyak
Jalan Cipete Raya No 3
Jakarta Selatan
Phone; +62 21 7590 6522
Opening Hours; 10.00 – 22.30

Our second visit to Jakarta may have been short, but it was definitely sweet. Even though traffic, pollution, and poverty continue to be an issue on this side of the world, the beauty of Jakarta, as seen in its rich traditions, unique arts and culture, and sumptuous food, continue to persist. We were not only able to experience this beauty firsthand, but more importantly, we were able to create our own beautiful memories together. We even have souvenirs to show for it!PSX_20170507_104421A special thanks to our dear friends Marisa, Marco and Mario for being the best hosts and guides.


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