PSX_20170805_220532After so many years of visiting Lyon, it now feels like home. I look forward to see good old friends every year, do the same things, and revisit the same places. It never gets old.

Last year I wrote a post on some of My Favorite Things To Do In Lyon and My Road Trip To Vienne. This time, I had the pleasure of spending two weeks in Lyon with my family. We live in three different continents so this was one major blissful reunion. Due to time constraints, we were only able to squeeze in A Road Trip to Col du Galibier.PSX_20170714_043118 Lyon being the gastronomic capital of France we indulged in some of the typical Lyonnaise dishes and cheeses, and within two weeks the extra three kilos were the rewards of my indulgence. How could I say no to the bread, cheese, cold cuts and foie gras that accompanies each aperitif. All for a good cause though so I won’t complain.

We had excellent frogs at Au Vieux Port Restaurant. We enjoyed a relaxed dinner on their charming terrace. The staff was friendly and the service was pretty good despite being a full house.PSX_20170724_170046PSX_20170724_170007PSX_20170724_165928My trip in Lyon is never complete without swinging by Rue Mercier. This narrow street bustling with both locals and tourists is lined up with French bouchons and restaurants. You can either dine al fredo or inside. I love watching everyone go about their life, people murmuring in the background, a saxophone in the background, couples holding hands, waiters gracefully carrying trays in the air etc. The ambience here is indescribable, almost like it has been staged.PSX_20170822_135952PSX_20170822_140043PSX_20170805_215715My go-to restaurants is Le Bistro de Lyon for their exquisite French sausage, Andouillette  and La Cabane which serves the most sumptuous Moules Mariniere .wp-image-78076871jpgwp-image-234296771jpgwp-image-1208859865jpgPSX_20170805_215805We also visited Marche des Charpennes, a Sunday market located at place Wilson in Villeurbanne city. We enjoyed wondering about and even scored ourselves some pretty good bargains like this Michael Douglas bag and a decorative tray.PSX_20170710_161433PSX_20170724_164844PSX_20170724_171131PSX_20170724_171106PSX_20170724_171308What makes this market special is the availability designer merchandise at lower price. Marche des Charpennes is also stacked with a wide range of fresh and organic local produce. Visiting local markets is the best way to experience other people’s culture. You don’t necessarily have to buy anything but you definitely learn a lot through observation and interaction and also get to practice your language with the locals.

Lora by Lora. x

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