EpiCulture Eats | Mews Restaurant In Salcedo Village

PSX_20170826_191922The dining scene in Salcedo village is gradually changing for the better. The past few months have seen the emergence of new restaurants:- offering excellent dining venues that both delight and even sometimes surprise self-proclaimed foodies such as myself.
Last evening I was pleased to meet up with Namrata; the owner and force behind EpiCulture Manila to try out the newly opened Mews Restaurant on the Corner of Toledo and Leviste street. To set the mood for the evening, we had a quick glass of wine at Pablo.PSX_20170826_083038Mews Restaurant is a casual British eatery with a French twist. Guests have the option to dine indoors for a more traditional setting or outdoors to take in their surroundings. The casual and beautiful ambience combined with the good service makes anyone feel right at home upon entry.PSX_20170826_191654

We enjoyed a nourishing shot of Moringa soup, Italian inspired grissini [Thin breadsticks] and focaccia bread as complementary appetizer.PSX_20170826_083821PSX_20170826_192007PSX_20170826_191828PSX_20170826_191741

Crispy Fresh CalamariPSX_20170826_084035
The calamari was deliciously crispy with just the right amount of crunch. It is served tapas-style with just the right amount of coating. The wasabi garlic aioli that accompanies the dish pairs well with beer.

Kurubuta Pork ChopPSX_20170826_191614
This is definitely a patrons’ favorite! It is served with mashed potatoes and root vegetables . It was tender, moist and delicious. Next time you find yourself craving pork chops you know where to go.

Truffle Cream Sauce PastaPSX_20170826_083935
Pasta is lavished in a generous amount of truffle cream sauce. After spending 6 weeks in Italy and indulged in some great pasta dishes I still enjoyed this one.

They also have child friendly dishes like pizzas and homemade soups that make for a great early family dinner joint after an afternoon of play at the Salcedo Park.

Nams and I had a great first time experience at Mews Restaurant. We hope they uphold their quality of food and service.

If you are a lethal foodie and would like to discover the hidden foodie joints tucked away in the streets of Poblacion Makati, join the upcoming EpiCulture Food Crawl on the 9th September at 18h. Check out EpiCulture facebook page for more details.


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