PSX_20170821_160253What to do when you have seven days to spend on the Island of Elba? Why, hit the beaches, of course!

We did just that on our seven-day stay, and boy, were we impressed. Elba boasts such beautiful beaches and picturesque coastlines. Each of the seven we visited was unique and amazing. Whatever your favorite kind of beach—be it draped in sand, gravel, pebbles, cobbles, or rock—Elba has it. You just have to know where to go.

Day 1: Naregno Beach
Once we checked into our hotel, freshened up, and had a quick bite, there was no wasting time. We packed our beach essentials and walked to Naregno Beach, which was the nearest beach to our hotel (Hotel Anfora). Since this was our first day on the island, we were quite eager to have our first dip in the sea, relax, and have a blast. Thankfully, the beach indulged us.

Naregno is located about three kilometers away from the Capoliveri center on the eastern side of Elba. It’s the most popular spot for beachgoers in the area, especially for families with small kids, thanks to its shallow waters.

Day 2: Innamorata Beach
Innamorata Beach is the last beach on the southern side of Monte Calamita (Capoliveri).

“Innamorata” is an Italian word meaning ‘’in love with” or “fond of ‘’. Legend has it that in 1534, a young girl by the name of Maria committed suicide by jumping off the rock known today as “La Ciarpa” (from the Italian “sciarpa” or “scarf”) into the waters. This was after she saw that the man she was to marry, Lorenzo, had been captured and killed by the pirate Barbarossa, and his body thrown into the sea. When she jumped, her shawl got caught in the rock, hence, the rock’s name.

Every year, on July 14th, locals and tourists light up the entire beach with hundreds of candles and don Medieval costumes in a procession to relive “Leggenda dell’Innamorata” or “The Legend of the Betrothed”.

Of course, being the hopeless romantic that I am, upon hearing the story, I just had to drag everyone to see the beach.

Innamorata has been the go-to spot for windsurfers, scuba divers, swimmers, and those who want to engage in water sports activities like paddle boating. Only 280 meters long, the beach can be a tad crowded especially in the busy months of July and August, when everyone seems to be holiday.

Nevertheless, we treated ourselves to a sumptuous plate of Spaghetti con le vongole at the beach restaurant, and had a great time.

Day 3: Fetovaia BeachPSX_20170731_123454
Fetovaia Beach is located on the southwestern side of Elba, about 10 kilometers away from Marina di Campo. On a good day, when it is not too windy, the waters are calm and pleasant to dip in.

Fetovaia is quite popular, hence, gets too crowded especially on the busy months of summer. To secure a parking space and enjoy some peaceful time, I suggest visiting a little bit earlier or in off-season, around mid-September.

Despite the crowds, we still had a beautiful day lounging on the beach, taking in scenic views of the bay. I was fascinated with its white granite sandy beach.

While in Fetovaia, we took a break for a nice quiet lunch at Barbatoja, located just few meters away from the waters, overlooking a lush garden and the sea. The nautical-themed interior features all white linens, hints of blue accessories, and hanging seashells, which I found to be such a cool idea.PSX_20170824_183338PSX_20170824_183451I kept it light by ordering a Mediterranean-style octopus salad dressed with olive oil and lemon. The combination of cherry tomatoes, celery, and parsley renders it delicious, crunchy, and fresh. Pair it with a glass of nicely chilled white wine—like I did—for pure bliss. After all, you are on vacation in Tuscany, and the only weights you should be lifting are Italian wine glasses.PSX_20170824_183217PSX_20170824_183237PSX_20170824_183544PSX_20170824_183628On our way back to the hotel, we couldn’t help but make a pit stop for the most amazing panoramic views. Have I mentioned that the beauty of this island is almost surreal?PSX_20170731_112854PSX_20170731_171758PSX_20170821_180335

Day 4: Viticcio BeachPSX_20170829_100755We had originally planned to go to Enfola Beach but our GPS bailed on us, so we somehow ended up in the Viticcio village. I can’t complain though, because it turned out to be a lovely place to get lost in.

The gulf of Viticcio has five little beaches, one of which is Viticcio Beach. To access the beach, we parked our car in the nearby village, and walked a few meters on an unpaved road, and towards a stairway leading to the rocky beach.PSX_20170829_093237PSX_20170821_181652Viticcio was a pleasant surprise and break from the crowds. It was tranquil, with very few people. The beach has a rocky platform, with crystal clear waters, and a magnificent view of the Enfola peninsula. The seabed is part-rock, part-sand. One has to be extra cautious when going into the waters because some of these rocks can be quite slippery.

Rumor has it that sunsets in Viticcio can be quite magical.

Day 5: Straccoligno BeachPSX_20170829_083750PSX_20170829_085002The sandy Straccoligno Beach is located on the eastern side of Elba, in between Punta di Capo Perle and Puna di Liscolino. It is approximately 230 meters long, with shallow emerald green waters, making it child-friendly.

Day 6: Bagnaia BeachPSX_20170821_180604PSX_20170829_093036Bagnaia Beach is around a 300-meter stretch of sand and pebbles. Located just 11 kilometers away from Portoferraio, this is one of the most well-equipped beaches we visited in terms of amenities, bathing establishments, water sports facilities, shops, car parks, bars, and restaurants. It’s perfect for family getaways.

What makes Bagnaia beach unique is its multicolored seabed, that is made up of a mix of sand and gravel.

Day 7: Lacona BeachPSX_20170829_100403Lacona Beach is located on the southern part of the island, and its one-kilometer length makes it the longest beach. A golden sandy shore and shallow waters makes it child-friendly, and the ideal beach for those seeking comfort.

Overlooking the Island of Montecristo and surrounded by a bay makes it the most beautiful among the beaches we visited. If I had to choose my favorite among the seven—which won’t be an easy task—Lacona would be it. Elba spoiled us with choices of stunning beaches, but this last one is quite special to me. I certainly saved the best for last.

Travel TipsPSX_20170829_100726
Planning to visit Elba for a beach road trip? Here are some notes from our travels:

  • There are a handful of beaches that can be accessed free of charge. A few others have spaces on the beach that allows you to set up your own umbrella and beach bed/chair but majority of the beaches on the island charge for sunbeds and umbrellas. You can either pay hourly or go for a full day rate.
  • Most well-established beaches have designated car park space for their clients. You can either pay hourly or go for a full day rate.
  • The best time of year to visit Elba is during the warmer months between May and September. July and August are the busiest months and tend to be crowdy.
  • Invest in a sunblock cream with great coverage. Trust me, you’ll need it!
  • Grab a copy of Pronto Elba. The Island’s ultimate guide with great tips and information on things to do and places to go.

Lora by Lora. x


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