PSX_20170829_100755Planning a trip to Elba Island, but don’t know what to do once you get there? Worry not! You won’t get bored in this place where there are a thousand and one things to try and places to explore. Here are some of my top suggestions:

Explore Elba’s towns and villages.
Shake the sand off your feet and roam the quaint towns and villages of Elba. Explore and immerse yourself in its culture, art, and history. Beyond beaches, Elba has a lot more to offer its visitors: magnificent castles, underground mining galleries, splendid sanctuaries, and formidable fortresses.

Some of our favorite stops were Capoliveri’s old narrow alleys, steps and underpasses, little shops, wine bars, and vibrant squares that liven up at night. All this makes this Capoliveri’s historic center an absolute charm to get lost in.PSX_20170830_154029PSX_20170830_154119PSX_20170830_153347PSX_20170830_153321PSX_20170830_153231PSX_20170830_153200PSX_20170824_184606PSX_20170830_152934PSX_20170830_153109PSX_20170830_154729PSX_20170824_184405

Indulge in a food trip.
We don’t count calories in Italy! We eat, we add a few kilos, and it’s all for a worthy cause. Don’t trust anyone who goes to Italy and doesn’t add a few grams!

A must-try while on the island is “schiaccia briaca” (“drunk cake”), Elba’s traditional cake, the primary ingredient for which is Aleatico, Elba’s sweet red wine, which gives the cake its rosy color.

One of the best dishes that I tasted for the first time was Carbonara di Mare, standard carbonara with seafood tossed in it. It was absolutely sinful, probably loaded with cholesterol, but oh-so-delicious. Make it your bucket-list pasta dish!

For a fantastic dinner al fresco, try Osteria Vento in Poppa Restaurant in the harbor of Rio Marina. Enjoy a nice plate of fresh seafood pasta as you bask in Rio Marina’s costal scenery. We had a blissful evening thanks to their excellent service, great food, and scenic harbor views.PSX_20170801_234906PSX_20170801_234800PSX_20170830_161800I also had the best peach juice at a road side stall, fresh from the shelves. While waiting for my succo di pesca, I snapped some photos because the rustic setting was just way too gorgeous to pass. PSX_20170830_180326PSX_20170830_175334PSX_20170830_175302PSX_20170830_171052PSX_20170830_171141

Taste the wine.
What’s a holiday without wine?

Just like other places in Tuscany, Elba also produces its own wine. Most hotels offer or can organize wine-tasting tours for those you want to discover and experience Elba’s wine traditions.

While driving around the island, we stumbled upon La Faccenda, a local wine and extra virgin olive oil producer. The first thing that caught our attention was their cozy and creative space. It really stands out. PSX_20170824_184048PSX_20170731_181745We met Sofia, the lovely host, who might be young, but was very knowledgeable when it comes to wine. She gave us a quick wine tour and recommended Faccenda’s Elba Rosato, a fresh, delicate in taste rose which was just perfect for aperitif.20170731_181142

Chase sunsets.
If you know me well then you know sunset is my favourite colour. Elba has the most majestic sunsets. Spend the day in one of the beaches in the west and take delight in watching the sky show off its captivating glow as the day comes to an end.

Capo Bianco beach in Portoferraio is well known for its picturesque scenery and is a popular spot for watching the sun slide into the sea.PSX_20170830_153447PSX_20170803_212140

Go on a road trip.
On days you don’t feel like lying on the beach, tune in to your favorite road trip playlist, roll the windows down, and hit the road.

In Jennifer’s words, ‘’Driving along the windy roads around the island between beaches is exhilarating. You never know what surprise lies around the next bend. Panoramic views of emerald green meadows and the azure blue sea alternate with bouquets of yellow scotch broom, purple thistle and red poppies in full bloom in June.’’


Buy an artisanal souvenir.
While wandering in the streets of Porto Azzuro, we came across a sign that led us to a ceramics studio, Talo’s Art Studio.

Talo was born in Mazara del Vallo but moved to Livorno when he was a child. He was a student at the Sculpture Academy of Professor Guiggi but after working for some years in the steel works, he decided to leave and devote himself to painting full time. He lived in Fabriano for two years and worked alongside the painter Aurelio C, an opportunity that gave him a better foundation in painting a wide variety of subjects. For several years painiting was his only activity. Now settled on the Island of Elba, he is part of the island’s cultural life and is a member of the group “Elban Painters”. His original passion for sculpture steered him toward ceramics, and for a long time he diverted his energies into the Raku technique.

PSX_20170830_153639PSX_20170830_153558PSX_20170830_154815PSX_20170824_184816PSX_20170824_184847It was lovely meeting Talo and his wife. They were both very humble and kind. You can tell they love what they do. They create every piece with pure passion and dedication. As I watched them, I couldn’t help but think to myself that theirs was a beautiful way of growing old together.

Talo Studio d’Arte  
Via S.Anna, 12, 57025 Porto Azzurro Li Italy.
Call +390565020099

Go beach-hopping!PSX_20170821_181652
The Island of Elba has more than 70 beaches, others better than others, all of them different from each other in color and surrounding scenery.

During our vacation in Elba, we were able to map out some of the island’s best beaches. Kindly note that during the high season (July and August), some of these beaches tend to be crowdy.

Elba is a beach paradise. If one beach is full, trust me, there’s another equally beautiful just around the corner. We had a great time tracking and hopping from one beach to the other, most of them ideal for families travelling with children, thanks to their shallow crystal clear waters.

Among Elba’s most beautiful beaches are; Sant’andrea, Sansone, Capo Bianco, Cavoli, Biodola, Procchio, Fetovaia, and Lacona.

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