PSX_20171128_215936Located on the ninth floor of Raffles Hotel in Makati, Mireio is probably one of the coolest rooftop bars I have ever visited.

PSX_20171128_220314The outdoor terrace offers spectacular views, with picturesque peeks of the Makati cityscape. It’s a perfect hideout to kick back and unwind while enjoying cocktails al fresco.PSX_20171128_215640But even on rainy nights, there’s no need to worry: one can relax in their intimate and cozy indoor bar. The bar interior’s red carpeted floor, red painted walls, and black and white Paris inspired portraits create a delightful and tasteful combination.PSX_20171128_220142PSX_20171128_220102When in doubt as to what to drink, whether to have a glass of Rose or a cocktail, pick Frose! This icy cocktail is a true treat and the ultimate summer cocktail—which you can enjoy year-round. What’s more, we can’t deny the fact that it is also Instagram friendly! But what I loved most about it was the fresh fruity taste of the berries with a dash of zingy lime.PSX_20171128_215856PSX_20171128_215807PSX_20171128_215729There’s more than drinks in this bar! Mireio also has a tapas style menu to go with their crafty cocktails, so be sure to order for some pica-pica on the side. Perhaps that’ll give you an excuse to spend just a little bit more time in this elegant and laidback haunt.PSX_20171126_191245

9th Floor, Raffles Makati
Raffles Drive, Makati Avenue
+63 2 795 1840



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