PSX_20180315_190517Pablo Bistro in Salcedo Village serve whooping gin and tonics like no other place I’ve visited and they serve it appropriately: in a Copa de Balon glass! If you’ve been drinking your gin in any other glass, now you know you’ve been doing it wrong!


The Copa de Balon glass dates back to the 1700s in the Basque region of northern Spain and is designed to trap the aromas of the gin to give a better taste to the drink. The large bowl allows plenty of ice and lime into the glass to add to the flavour and keep the drink cool.

Via Metro Uk

PSX_20180315_185956I’m no gin expert, but fortunately, I don’t have to be one to drink and enjoy it. I don’t know much about gin apart from the fact that it originated from Holland, was previously used as a medical treatment, and is Britain’s favorite drink.

One thing I’ve noticed though is that its taste differs depending on its botanical ingredients, how much lime was used, and most importantly—which is also the most interesting part for me—what garnishes it came with.

Gym ? I thought you asked if I wanted to hit the Gin after work….

The other day hubby and I tried Pablo Bistro’s pink gin, garnished with a lemon wedge and spiced up with star anise and cinnamon sticks. This was a total makeover compared to what most bars would serve you, which is tonic diluted with ice cubes—LOTS OF ICE CUBES—and offered just a hint of gin mixed with lemon juice. To be safe, I usually ask for ice cubes on the side. I basically make my own gin and tonic and still pay for service charge.PSX_20180315_185858PSX_20180315_185817Pablo Bistro is a stylish all-day bar with chill vibes. It’s the perfect escape to enjoy casual drinks with friends after a long day in the office. I love their outdoor space, which is full of character, where I get to sip my ice-cold drink as I people watch.

Pablo Bistro
119 LP Leviste
Salcedo Village, Makati, Philippines.
TEL: 024030626



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