20180502_123822.jpgI remember my very first yoga class. It was in Colombo, Sri Lanka, nine years ago, with my good friend Haissa. I can’t recall what prompted us to join the class but yes, one morning, we found ourselves looking at our toes, bum up, fingers wide spread, navel to spine, doing our very first downward facing dog at a local Hatha Yoga Institute.


I love yoga because its benefits extend beyond the physical aspect. Not only can it complement our fitness routine or help us be strong, flexible, and toned. There is so much more we can learn through yoga poses and how we can apply these lessons in our lives.



Yoga is a personal journey. We learn to listen to our bodies, and we practice with awareness, patience, compassion, and acceptance toward it. There are moments when we need to accept that there are poses that we can and cannot do and poses we can’t do—or at least, not yet.

In stillness I choose to reconnect with my own breath, the strength and energy that flows within me. I choose to dance to the rhythm of my own heartbeat and the sound of my breath—a song so unique that only I can understand the beats.

In stillness I am grateful for every breath, for good health, and for everything positive and meaningful in my life. In stillness I choose happiness, peace within and around me, and love. I choose to be patient with myself and others. I choose forgiveness. I choose strength. In stillness I imagine myself in the best version of myself that I can ever be. I am who I am and not what other people think I am. I am capable. In stillness I learn to listen.

I feed my mind and soul with each time I step onto the mat I feel lighter. Little things that used to drive me to the edge don’t anymore! I have learned to walk away from trouble or situations that call for unnecessary confrontation. I have learned the art of creating my own happiness because at times, you have to be your own hero.

I hope whoever is reading this is inspired to take the journey within and experience the magic of stillness that yoga gifts.

“Yoga is a dance from within and then something inside you grows so big it spills out like champagne. That’s when you dance on the outside.”

– Tao Porchon-Lynch

11 thoughts on “IN STILLNESS.

  • This was beautiful Lora, both your post and also the video of your beautiful flow. Thanks for sharing your journey. Inspires me to continue! xx

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  • Love this so much and your flow was so beautiful i enjoyed just watching you and the music, oh the music!!.Love this!. I completely agree with you on everything on this post, yoga has given me so much and continues to do so. I am so comfortable with my body, constantly in awe with all the things it does for me and am in a much better place in terms of my mental wellbeing.

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    • Ha Ha… I love the music too. Been playing it on repeat. I just resonate with it at the moment. Thanks for reading and watching the video. See you soon hopefully. xx


  • Thank you for this comment ” I asked him why I couldn’t do it the ‘’x’’ way. He gently replied, ‘’Welcome to your body’’.” noone has ever told me that. But I am learning this is my body and it can bend and flex in it’s own way. Such a beautiful post ❤

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  • Hi! Ma’am Lora, it is so beautiful video, it ‘s inspired me alot to listen how are body works with our mind and strength. I read all the thoughts about yoga, i think i may try it to help my body stimulates. Hope to see you ❤❤❤

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