PSX_20180513_071729Since we moved to Manila, I always had a thing for Poblacion. This bustling neighborhood is the old downtown area in Makati. Each time I would drive through it on my way to Rockwell, I would have my eyes pinned to its gritty streets and colorful flashy lights, too curious to explore, but not courageous enough to do it on my own.

Good thing I finally had the chance when I was invited to join a food crawl event organized by Epiculture Manila. The crawl took us around Poblacion’s trendy hole-in-the-wall restaurants and bars. I discovered there was much more to this neighborhood than its red-light district. Poblacion is home to some great restaurants, eclectic rooftop bars with panoramic views, relaxed coffee shops, and beautiful underground art.

Last weekend I attended SABOR, an ‘’Afro-Latin Dance Affair’’, at The Ruins in Poblacion. It was a charity event partially organized to help collect money for Young Focus, an NGO that gives underprivileged children and young people the chance to develop themselves intellectually, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually by means of education and personal coaching. {To learn more about Young Focus and their great work and how you can get involved, check out their website at}

The air was filled with great Afro-Latin beats: salsa dura, champeta, cumbia, samba…the list goes on. It was indeed a sweaty affair as we danced the night away. Good conversations were flowing on the dance floor, along with the tequila.PSX_20180513_073631PSX_20180513_073737PSX_20180513_075642PSX_20180513_075009PSX_20180513_074428I took a break from my cha-cha steps to have a look at the art exhibit housed upstairs. The Ruins is basically remains of a burned house turned into an event place. As I walk through the floor trying to make sense of each piece, I can’t help but think, what a clever idea, to turn ashes into art. Art scattered inside the remains of a burnt house does make a beautiful confluence.PSX_20180513_074321PSX_20180513_074659PSX_20180513_074813PSX_20180513_074908PSX_20180513_073957PSX_20180513_074613PSX_20180513_073903

Lora by Lora. x



  • I’m always in Poblacion (my boyfriend works in the area) but I’ve never been here, so thanks for the tip, Lora! 🙂 I’m also glad that Poblacion has undergone a rebranding of sorts from being a seedy red light district to hipster area. We now have a lot more options to eat from that’s not in rockwell lol!


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