If I could go back in time, If I could give advice to my younger self, I would tell her….

Confidently fall inlove with yourself and everything you represent. Cultivate wholeness without necessarily needing other people to make you feel complete.

Spend time with yourself. Learn what you like and what you don’t. Clean up, dress up, put on make up (..or not) and take yourself on a date. Love and enjoy your own company.

Buy a bus, plane or train ticket and hit the road, discover new places. Travel solo. Feed the wanderlust in you.

Have an intimate relationship with your body, mind and soul. Have deep conversations with yourself. Understand yourself. Find out what makes you happy. What makes you sad. What makes you vulnerable. What makes you numb.

Become your own best friend. Because only then, can you truly open up your heart to love another. And when we love truthfully and unconditionally, Love finds its way back to us.

Lora By Lora. x

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