PSX_20190102_203712.jpgSmall dreams. Big dreams. Average dreams. We all have them. Be it a fancy car, a home, a job, a promotion, a degree, the hot guy next door—we all have something we aspire to have. Chasing them keeps us alive, motivates us to keep going, and fuels our drive to move forward. Dreams make us go beyond existing to truly living.  They give us that extra purpose in life.

If you’re among the lucky ones, your dream is handed to you on a silver platter. But for the rest of us, making dreams happen is not a walk in the park. Obstacles present themselves at every turn and sacrifice, sleepless nights, and hard work are minimum requirements for the job.

There are days when you’ll be discouraged, you’ll no longer see the point, your vision becomes blurry, and a little (or big) voice in your head will urge you to throw in the towel and quit. We all have those days—yes, even those who look like they’ve achieved so much in their life. Everyone who is at the top of the ladder of success was once at the bottom and climbed up, one rung at a time.

Today, as I stepped onto my yoga mat, my safe space, I reminded myself of why I started chasing my dreams and what motivated me in the first place. I replayed my vision over and over, until I felt my self-confidence rise. My self-doubt was gradually replaced by happy and positive thoughts.

Today, instead of focusing on everything that I haven’t achieved—yet—I decided to be grateful for my small wins. The things I’ve done. The far I have come.

I’m grateful for those who constantly believe in me and those who inspire me to keep growing.  Above all, I’m grateful that I still believe in myself and in my dreams. I choose to continue rather than quit. I choose to keep climbing up the ladder one rung at a time. I choose to keep moving forward. I choose to keep my dreams alive.

Lora By Lora.


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