PSX_20181101_080941-1.jpgI’ve always taken a back seat when it comes to Halloween.  I’m one of those mums who simply walk into a store the day before and buys a prêt-àporter costume for their kid. Raise your glass if you’re anything like me.

PSX_20181101_101904-1.jpgThen there are those people who actually count down to Halloween. They have a series of Halloween costumes and maybe already know what or who they’ll be next year. I love these people. I love their energy and creativity. I go to sleep wondering what they have in store for the big day, and, let’s face it, it’s thanks to these people that the rest of us have something to look forward to every year.PSX_20181101_101706-1.jpgPSX_20181101_101801-1.jpgPSX_20181101_102023-1.jpgPSX_20181101_102720-1.jpgPSX_20181101_102837-1.jpgThis year, my friends and I decided to join the festivities and go out for drinks in Halloween costumes. I went as Little Red Riding Hood. One of my friends offered to do my make up and she did an amazing job at it.PSX_20181101_102748-1.jpgOur evening started at Dr. Wine, where we had a few drinks and chit chat, then later, we joined the wickedest Halloween street party in Poblacion here in Makati. Let me just say, if Halloween is one of your favorite holidays and you were not in Poblacion that evening, then you missed out!PSX_20181101_090220-1.jpgPSX_20181101_070311-1.jpg

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