PSX_20190111_075146-2.jpgWhen you are sitting at Antidote rooftop bar, cool breeze kissing your face, good music playing in the background, taking in 360 degrees sweeping views of the city, a cold and crunchy sauvignon blanc in hand and a waxing crescent moon casting its spell on you, instinctively the day’s chaos melt away. A reminder that life isn’t perfect but it has perfect moments. PSX_20190111_075225-2.jpgPSX_20190111_075322-1.jpgPSX_20190111_074714-2.jpgPSX_20190111_074021-2.jpgPSX_20190111_075425-2.jpg
We all look at the same sky….
It has been one year since I last visited Antidote and as these bold words come pouring down on me, they stir up a memory, lyrics to a familiar song …

Under the same sky

…We are all souls to be saved or condemned
But then where is the sin
We are fires beyond the sky
Same but unique stars
A thousand dreams, but only one unites us
The need to be loved


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