One thing that people omit to tell you is that: when you are planning to get married, there comes a time you may have to fight over which furniture to buy, or where to place it in the house. Even worse is when you and your significant other have contrasting tastes.

After our 10 years together, my husband and I have finally figured out how to peacefully shop for home decor without strangling each other. Although we may not always agree with each other’s perspectives, we have discovered that sharing and listening to each other’s visions helps in choosing the perfect piece of furniture that represents our combined sensibilities. Meditation before going out for shopping also helps. 

Red Heirlooms is a home decor and furniture shop tucked away in Malate district, Manila. We stumbled upon their showroom via their Facebook page. Last week we decided to visit and skim around the shop. We did not know beforehand that one had to book a viewing appointment especially on Sundays and public holidays. Luckily Miss Li Chenchen the shop owner was kind enough to accommodate us on short notice and show us around her lovely shop.

Red Heirlooms hosts beautiful pieces art, oriental home furniture and statement home accessories to add a little oomph to any home. It was our lucky day because we have always wanted to have a rustic dining table made out of an old door and this was the last one they had in stock. We bought it with no hesitation. This is also the first meaningful piece of furniture we have bought in the Philippines. While it is not locally made, it will remain one of those pieces in our home that will always remind us of our wonderful time in the Philippines.
20190302_073408.jpgApart from the furniture I was deeply drawn to Ai Xuan paintings, particularly this Tibetan Girl and boy with a horse. I can envision one of these hanging in our home one day.We had an overall good experience with Red Heirlooms, we skimmed around the showroom without being pressured to buy anything. Often you enter a shop and you are bombarded to buy things or see things that don’t interest you which personally makes me uncomfortable and instinctively makes any shopping experience less pleasant. Miss Chenchen and her two shop assistants were very kind, patient, friendly and most important gave us the space to look around without being pushy. We also appreciated our dining table being delivered within the agreed time frame.PSX_20190302_124023.jpgPSX_20190302_072550.jpg

Red Heirlooms Furniture and Home Decors Shop,
G/F Leesons Residences,
944 Remedios Street,
Malate, Manila
(632) 7754982

Monday – Saturday 9am-6pm
Sunday’s and Public Holiday By Appointment



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