PSX_20190504_145204.jpgI was delighted to finally attend The Safaricom International Jazz festival at the Carnivore grounds in Nairobi. This was my first time attending the event since its inauguration in 2014, and I am glad I did because it was sublime. 

PSX_20190504_145633.jpgPSX_20190504_144710.jpgMusic like many art forms transcends cultural boundaries as evidenced by both the local and international attendees. 

African Jazz tunes in the air, laughter in the background, smiles and selfies, booze flowing, cameras shifting back and forth, people cosied up on their Maasai blankets, Nairobians had turned up. It was an exhilarating afternoon of whirling and twirling rhythmically to Jazz music.PSX_20190504_135201.jpgPSX_20190504_143530.jpgAlthough all the artists gave an incredible performance, I was particularly drawn to Nairobi Horns Project performance. All band members had a strong stage presence as they masterfully serenaded us. Their energy was enthralling. I can’t wait to see them perform again.PSX_20190504_141906.jpgPSX_20190504_144618.jpgPSX_20190504_145329.jpgPSX_20190504_142023.jpgThe beauty of human connection and its incredible transformative powers in all of us is perhaps best embodied through live performances. We get to experience artists in action, crooning to the tunes we primarily get by a few taps on our phone in this glorious digital age. Seeing them beautifully render the lyrics we hum to, and they (artists) getting immediate feedback of their creation from adoring fans can never be truly replaced by the convenience of the digital world.PSX_20190504_142152.jpgPSX_20190504_135300.jpgTired feet, boozy head but a heart full of fond memories is what I carried home. It was a perfect event, and I look forward to the Safaricom International Jazz Festival in 2020.  If you live in Nairobi or just passing through make sure you don’t miss the incredible party.

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