One the many things Roberto loves doing in Nairobi is feeding the Giraffes at The Giraffe Center. For a change, this year I decided to take him to Nairobi Safari Walk because I knew even though Giraffes are his favorite, he will still find excitement seeing other animals and particularly getting closer to them. Nairobi Safari Walk is located off Langata Road at the Kenya Wildlife Headquarters in Nairobi. It is like a sneak peak of Kenya’s Parks and Reserves allowing visitors to discover what they can expect to see across the country. The park has a raised wooden boardwalk that allows uninterrupted views of the animals.The park hosts a variety of animals like Cape buffalo, Baboon, Black rhino, Gazelle, Grant’s zebra, Cheetah, African leopard, Masai giraffe, ostrich, waterbuck, Crocodiles, Impala, Lion among others.

Nairobi Safari Walk
Kenya Wildlife Service head office, Off Langata Road
Visiting Hours 9am – 5pm
Citizens Adult Kshs 215 / Child Kshs 125
Resident Adult Kshs 300 / Child Kshs 170
Non-Resident Adult USD 22 / USD 13
Tel: +254-20-2379407

When planning to visit Nairobi Safari Walk timing is key. Our guide suggested visiting around midday when the animals are being fed. Unfortunately we visited in the morning so we were not able to spot most of them as they were in hiding. Nonetheless we still had a great time.

Roberto did not feed Giraffes on this day but he learnt a lot from our lovely guide, he was fascinated to see a Rhino for the first time, spotted some Lions at a distance, gasped at a baboon that passed in front of us minding its own business, loved mingling with baby monkeys and the best part is he made new friends. It was a morning well spent.

Lora by Lora.


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