My husband wanted to take our son to a beach he used to frequent with his parents when he was a little boy. So, one fine afternoon, we set off to visit The white sandy beach of Rosignano in Livorno.

My mother-in-law spent a good part of her teenage years in the town, and she holds the place dearly in her heart. This is also where she got married to the love of her life so driving down to Livorno with her was a nostalgic (and romantic!) trip down memory lane for all of us.

After arriving and securing a parking space, we walked to the beach. As we approached, we were greeted by a long stretch of brilliant white sand that was unbelievably gorgeous and made more picturesque by its backdrop of clear blue skies. I was surprised that it was not as crowded as I expected a public beach to be on a Sunday afternoon. We spent the afternoon basking under the Tuscan sun, wasting the day away by the sea, occasionally switching from listening to the sea waves and to my son giggling whenever water would splash on his face. It was the perfect day at the perfect setting and with the perfect company, and I didn’t want it to end. 

Well, a few days later after bragging about our amazing experience with friends, it dawned on us that indeed, not all that glitters is gold! According to some shocking reviews on TripAdvisor and other articles online I came to learn that there is a dark secret behind The white beach of Rosignano widely known as the Caribbean of Tuscany. The nearby Rosignano Solvay chemical plant for decades has been depositing some chemical waste products into the sea hence the white sandy beach and turquoise waters.

Is it true? Is it fake news? How toxic are these chemicals? Just incase the chemicals are highly toxic how comes the beach is still frequented by so many visitors ? I certainly remain with more questions than answers.

Nonetheless, I’ll try to look back with fondness at our visit there since we spent the time with the people I love.

SUNDOWNER AT CALAFURIAWe left The white beach of Rosignano just in time for the golden hour. En route to Livorno, while driving along the coastal road between Antignano and the small town of Quercianella, we came across The Tower of Calafuria, an ancient lookout tower. Next to the tower is Precisamente Calafuria, a lounge bar and restaurant, where we decided to stop for an impromptu drink. 

The sun was setting when we settled into the bar. We watched the most beautiful time of the day unfold at Precisamente’s terrace lounge, the perfect spot to bathe in the magnificence and glory of the changing horizon.

If you ever find yourself in Livorno, make sure to catch a glorious sunset at Terrazza Mascagni. Whenever we’re in Tuscany, I love coming back here at least once to watch the sunset from its elegant waterfront terrace. Watching the sun go down from this spot is always an exciting show that takes my breathe away. After a relaxing day bumming on the beach, catching waves, and chasing sunsets, it was time to go home. The day had turned out just as we had anticipated: blissful. How fortunate we are to be granted days like this.

Lora by Lora.


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