While in Kilifi, I also got to swing by The Terrace, a unique laidback bar and restaurant that offers a sprawling and spectacular view of the Kilifi bridge and the ocean underneath it.

It was a Sunday afternoon when I visited and the atmosphere was relaxing, with just a few tables occupied. I sipped my gin and tonic, took in the soothing blue hues of the Indian Ocean, and watched speed boats go back and forth; while light breeze lingered in the air and relaxing music played in the background. It was exactly what I needed after a busy morning.I got to mingle with the two lovely ladies who host the place. I also met Raisa, a spirited wanderlust and the founder of The African Thrillist. With travel being our mutual interest, a friendship was born in no time. The Terrace turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Had I stayed longer in Kilifi, I would have definitely hung out at The Terrace more.

Lora By Lora.


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