Watamu Tree House is a magical and idyllic guesthouse in Watamu. The ultimate escape for traveling yogis or anyone looking for a serene getaway where you can relax, unwind and disconnect from the outside world.

My main objective during this trip was to attend one of their scheduled yoga and meditation classes hosted at the guesthouse.

The drive from Kilifi to Watamu took approximately 45 minutes. I managed to drag myself out of bed and make it to Watamu by eight in the morning, just in time for Dru Yoga. I had never heard of Dru Yoga before but I was curious and happy to learn something new.Dru Yoga is basically a style of yoga that works with soft flowing movements, mindful breath work, relaxation, and meditation. Its series and sequence are gentler compared to other forms of yoga that I practice. It shouldn’t be underestimated though; It’s subtle but still absolutely effective. I enjoyed the led session so much that I now incorporate some of Dru Yoga techniques into my daily Vinyasa Practice.After an hour session of Dru Yoga, I stayed behind for their sumptuous breakfast made from fresh local ingredients. Even the monkeys know it’s party time when they see guests eating because one grabbed my jar of peanut butter and ran away with it. I sure have one thing in common with that cheeky monkey: we both love peanut butter. If I were a monkey, too, that little stunt would’ve ended as a tug-of-war over the precious jar.Apart from yoga classes, Watamu Treehouse also hosts a series of yoga retreats throughout the year. For more information here is a link of their Upcoming Yoga Retreats .

My biggest takeaway from my experience at Watamu was this beautiful prayer that was served with my breakfast. Often, we, myself included, don’t remember to be grateful for the food that nourishes our body. Or for the people who put in their hard work and effort to prepare the meal. Often, we forget to be humble, that in a world full of hunger, we are fortunate to have three meals a day. This prayer made me think and now I try to recite these words whenever I remember. I hope it also inspires to be more mindful and grateful during mealtime.

This food is a gift of the entire universe,
the land, the sky, the ocean,
and the work of many people.
May I be the presence that
deserves to receive this.
May I learn the right way of eating.
May I receive energy and be protected from illness.
May I walk the path of wisdom and love.
When I eat, may I not forget
the people who are in need, and may I
share my energy with all beings.
In this food, I see the presence of the
Entire universe supporting me.

Watamu Treehouse is an architectural gem. A true work of art. Each room is unique and charming with picturesque views of the sea and the lush green jungle that surrounds its striking setting. I was won over by the staff’s warmth and kindness. Everyone I encountered was inviting.I spent a delightful morning at the guesthouse and I can’t wait to visit again and stay longer next time.

Lora By Lora

+254 712 810055

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