I must start by saying I’ve always been hesitant to do fashion-sponsored posts especially by international brands. I’ve turned down a number of requests either because their products don’t match my style, the quality is questionable, they take forever to respond, or their collaboration policy is not clear nor beneficial.

So about a month ago, when Femme Luxe Finery, a UK-based women’s clothing store reached out to me for a collaboration, I was instantly doubtful. I was about to click delete and move on to the next email but for some reason, I decided to skim through their website first and see what their brand was all about. Five seconds later, I was sold!Femme Luxe offers a collection of beautiful stylish clothes at reasonable prices. Think pieces that are perfect for modern, trendy, chic, and confident women. Whether you’re looking for casual chill with a bit of oomph, sporty with bit of spice, or sexy with a bit of edge; or even just a closet update without breaking the bank, Femme Luxe is just a click away!

I’m beyond happy to have finally found a collaboration with a brand that defines my style. Would I spend my own money on Femme Luxe? Absolutely, yes! I genuinely love the items I picked, which are a great value for money. I definitely see myself shopping with Femme Luxe in future.


A few weeks ago I received an invitation for a friend’s birthday party that called for a black dress code. After scrolling through a dozen party dresses on Femme Luxe, I decided to settle for a one-shoulder, figure-hugging, slinky midi dress. It just seemed like the perfect party dress, and indeed, it (and I) received a lot of compliments from my friends.20191205_112025 (2).jpg20191205_112042.jpg20191205_111639 (2).jpg

I love jumpsuits because it offers a one-step dressing process. I love it more if it comes in black because then it really doesn’t matter what you pair it with because it’s a versatile color.

I have broader shoulders and a small waist so buying jumpsuits online has always been a big NO for me. Yet I took a chance with this one and I’m glad I did! If fits like a glove, the fabric is light and comfortable, and it hugs me in all the right places and in all the right ways. This is the kind of outfit that takes you from the office to a party in minutes.20191206_181423.jpg20191206_181314.jpg

Someone once said if you love something, you should buy it in every color. This bodysuit comes in five colors, and after buying the rust one, I think I’m going to order the rest–khaki, white, stone, and black–soon. Yes, that’s how much I love this piece.

Bodysuits are practical pieces that each girl needs in her closet. They’re perfect for days when I want to tuck my top, step out, and not worry about having to re-tuck every other minute. This slinky square-neck strappy bodysuit is seamless and absolutely comfortable!

I picked this cute swing dress because it’s girlie, young, playful, and versatile. I can dress it up with heels or keep it cool and casual with a pair of flats or my favorite white sneakers. Let’s be honest: there are days when we just want to go out, over-indulge, and not worry about your belly bulging out in a tight dress.

Thankfully, baby doll dresses exist! I was drawn to this piece’s glorious warm color tone and ruffle sleeves. This dress might be screaming autumn but I see myself rocking it in the tropics. It will take me from running errands, to a dinner date with bae, to swirling the night away on the dance floor because it also makes a good party dress.

20191201134848_IMG_0845.jpg20191201134509_IMG_0833.jpg20191201134632_IMG_0841.jpgThank you, Femme Luxe Finery, for amping up my closet!

Lora By Lora. x

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