My name is Laura. I am from Kenya and currently based in Metro Manila, Philippines with my family.

I am a full time mom, trailing spouse and the content creator of this Lora By Lora: An Expat Travel and Lifestyle Blog.

I am grateful for the opportunity to travel and live as an Expat in different countries.  It is such an enriching experience as I continue to meet amazing new people from different corners of the world and embrace new cultures.

I look forward to keep exploring and sharing the magic of it all.

Embracing each other’s uniqueness help us discover ourselves, and only then can we truly contribute positively to the world.

Apart from Travel, I am also a passionate yoga practitioner and teacher. I have been practicing yoga since 2010 and my dream of becoming a yoga teacher came within reach after we moved to the Philippines in 2016. Stars aligned, and I eventually enrolled in the 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Yoga+ Makati in 2017. Read about my experience HERE.

Since then, I’ve never stopped learning. I’ve found that the beauty of practicing yoga as a teacher and student is there is always something new to discover and there is always room to grow and become a better version of myself.

As both a teacher and student, I often encourage people to practice yoga because of its many benefits. But if I could get a dollar for each time someone told me yoga is boring and they preferred Zumba instead, I probably won’t be a millionaire but I would definitely have a couple of hundreds.

To these people, I say: GIVE YOGA A CHANCE! Like many hooked on moving and sweating the stress out, I also love Zumba, running, going to the gym, steps, hiking, you name it. I am all about fitness, leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle, and finding what works for you.

My heart and body found a home in yoga. I always come back to it because its benefits extend beyond the physical aspect. Yoga complements our fitness routine and help us be strong, flexible and toned. Yoga poses and transitions require us to be mindful and fully present. Practicing mindfulness on or off the mat allows us to align our thoughts with our actions. It allows us to take a break from our autopilot way of living and fully tune in to body and mind. There is so much more we can learn through yoga poses and how we can apply these lessons in our lives. Give yoga a chance.

Lora By Lora.



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