My name is Laura. I am Kenyan, currently based in Florence, Italy. I am a Full-time mom, Yoga Teacher and the content creator of Lora By Lora.


I am a passionate yoga practitioner and a certified Vinyasa Yoga teacher. I have been practicing yoga since 2010 and my dream of becoming a yoga teacher came within reach after we moved to the Philippines in 2016. Stars aligned, and I eventually enrolled in the 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Yoga+ Makati, Philippines in 2017. Read about my experience HERE.

Since then, I’ve never stopped learning. I’ve found that the beauty of practicing yoga as a teacher and student is that there is always something new to discover and there is always room to grow and become a better version of myself.


Vinyasa commonly referred to as “Flow” is a style of yoga characterized by stringing yoga poses together so that you move from one to another, seamlessly, using breath. It can also be translated as “Arranging something in a special way”. Linking each breath with each movement to give you a balanced experience both physically and mentally. Vinyasa recognizes the temporary nature of things.  We enter into a posture, are there for a while and then leave.

My classes invite yogis of all levels. Each yoga session includes Breathing exercises, Yoga Asanas and Meditation.  I create a safe space for practitioners by keeping it slow and seamless. Inviting physical awareness and correct alignment into practice to avoid injuries.

Through teaching and sharing my passion I hope to continue inspiring and encouraging others to give yoga a chance, start their own journey or explore and evolve in their existing journey because I believe in order to thrive, we need to find activities like Yoga that do more than just make us sweat, but also keep us grounded, help us stay healthy both physically and emotionally and support a positive state of mind.


I am grateful for the opportunity to travel and live as an expat in different countries. Meeting new people from different corners of the world and embracing new cultures is such an enriching experience.

I believe that appreciating each other’s uniqueness helps us discover ourselves and leads us to contributing positively to the world. This belief fuels my drive to keep exploring the world and sharing the magic of our individual and collective experiences to as many people as I can.

Apart from sharing my travel stories, I also review hotels and restaurants, places I have visited, tried and loved their services and products and can highly recommend to friends and other travelers.


I have to say I am not an adventurous cook. I don’t like spending too much time in the kitchen and I don’t like following recipes with too many ingredients. At some point, I tend to zone out when cooking dishes with more a certain number of ingredients. So, I keep my cooking simple and as healthy as possible.

I believe that cooking can be a concrete expression of love. I believe that time spent with loved ones around a table is time well-spent. And I believe in nourishing the body we live in with nutritious and delicious food.

I love spending time in the kitchen with my son. Even though we always end up with a big mess afterwards, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Cooking is our favorite way to bond and it is my dream that he grows up more of a passionate cook than mummy is.

This section houses the successful recipes from my/our kitchen adventures.


I am always on the lookout for events happening near me: Yoga Retreats and Festivals, Art, Cultural Festivals, Travel, Food and Wine events, the list goes on.

Every once in a while, it is refreshing to get out of my bubble and go out to meet new people, local business owners, and entrepreneurs who share the same interests and sensibilities. It is a good opportunity to make new friends, collaborate, and exchange knowledge and experiences.

Thank you for stopping by. x

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