wp-1589546250939.jpg….when we are old and our bodies look like melting ice cream.

Lora by Lora. x


I am not English but every once in a while I love treating myself to these tender, moist and absolutely wholesome scones. They are perfect for breakfast or a tea-time snack.

I have tried different scones recipes and I must say this one is a keeper. It has the right amount of everything. Not too sweet, not too buttery and requires just a handful of ingredients.

I have a sweet tooth so I always find myself adding scoops of raspberry jam or honey. Read more


PSX_20190109_085336.jpgThe boys and I are back to our day to day routine. They are out and I am back in my little kitchen trying out new recipes. Keeping it healthy and interesting. I was inspired by She Loves Biscotti to bake these cookies. They are delicious, not too sweet, easy to make and requires very less ingredients. She Loves Biscotti has amazing Italian inspired recipes that I am looking forward to recreate at home. If you are also in need for some inspiration this 2019 be sure to swing by her blog and try out her recipes.  Read more