unnamedMy son loves all things chocolate. Yesterday afternoon when he was out playing I decided to try out this new recipe I found on Food and Wine. The recipe is quick and easy using very basic ingredients, you will most probably have most of them at home already. The result is a beautiful, moist, chocolatey cake. Read more


PSX_20180312_150002I am terrible at measuring spaghetti. I always end up with either more or very less. Estimation is not my forte! To my rescue, with this creative way of using left-over cooked spaghetti or pasta I don’t have to worry anymore. If anything, I intentionally cook more spaghetti as a lazy day back-up plan. It is easy peasy to prepare and very filling making it perfect for brunch, lunch or dinner.  Read more


unnamedI am a huge fan of cookies, so much that my morning coffee is never complete without a crumbly or chewy cookie on the side. Today I am sharing my favourite, go-to oatmeal cookies recipe. It is easy to make, delicious and you can throw in so many different things. This time I tossed in a handful of flaxseeds but feel free to substitute with some nuts, raisins, cranberries or even chocolate chips.  Read more