Rooftop Bars Around The World | Mireio At Raffles Makati, Philippines.

PSX_20171128_215936Located on the ninth floor of Raffles Hotel in Makati, Mireio is probably one of the coolest rooftop bars I have ever visited. Read more


​Why I Love Flying With Qatar Airways

PSX_20170711_002321When flying long haul, I always want to pick a company I can count on to make my experience as comfortable as possible. Over many years, I have found that Qatar Airways is unbeatable not only in terms of airfare (depending on route), but also when it comes to products and services that make life easier, and make travel stress-free for their clients. Read more

12Hrs In Jakarta | Where To Eat, Drink and Shop Until You Drop!

20170507_115452Hubby and I are passionate travelers. Apart from experiencing new places and immersing ourselves in culture of various locales, we also both enjoy collecting tangible reminders of our trips. For the most part, hubby keeps an eye out for pieces from local artists, while I tend to lean towards home décor items.

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Review | Maria Luisa’s Garden Room Cafe, Makati, Philippines.

PSX_20170325_205056Maria Luisa’s Garden Room is an intersection of a Grand French vintage tearoom and a quaint eatery, creating the perfect atmosphere for both romantic dining, and a girl’s night out. Carefully selected colors and textures have been combined to create a warm and elegant interior.

We chose a table next to a window overlooking their serene garden.
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Walid Weds Elisa In One of Italy’s Olders Town, Pisa.

20161001_103338Each year my family and I look forward to our summer holiday in Italy. We love spending time with family and friends and of course indulge in Italian good food something we miss dearly. This time our visit was different and special in a way because one of Hubby’s childhood friends was finally tying the knot and we couldn’t wait to be part of their special. The big day took place in Italy’s older town, Pisa.  Read more

“Quenelle De Poisson” At Khema Restaurant, Phnom Penh.


What is it? [Via French Moments]
A quenelle (French pronunciation: [kə.nɛl]) are dumplings made of wheat (either wheat flour or semolina), butter, eggs, milk, water and, usually fish. The most famous quenelles are pike quenelles (“quenelles de brochet”) and are often served with Nantua sauce, referring to a city located to the north east of Lyon in the Ain Department. This sauce is composed of crayfish, celery, carrots and Cognac

If you are fond of French cuisine then this is a plate you absolutely have to try. It is a classic Lyonnaise dish that is usually served as a main course. Thanks to Khema Restaurant, you don’t have to go to Lyon to have it.

My Quenelle de Poisson was delicately cooked to perfection, beautifully presented and luscious to the last bite. It sure brought back beautiful memories of my time spent in Lyon: The Capital of French Gastronomy.

Khema Restaurant,
Corner Street #51 /#163.
Phnom Penh