psx_20170119_195226Boracay is an island located in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines. The island and its beaches are among the most acclaimed destinations by travel professionls that should be on the bucket list of any discerning traveller. The waters that surround the island are an intersection of azure blue (in the middle) and iridescent light green (along the shore), a spectacle that evokes that sublime feeling poets talk about. You know, the kind that only nature can present. Moreover, the plush greenery that envelope the incredibly white sands that- meet the green waters at the shoreline- creates a painting-like image that nature with the utmost care put forth.We flew Philippines airlines from Ninoy Aquino International. Even though we missed our scheduled time of arrival by an hour, our very patient driver immediately put our spirits back on vacation high, wiping away any trace of mild annoyance that comes with last minute changes.

psx_20170113_134212psx_20170118_124526After collecting our arrival stickers at the hotel’s Welcome centre , concierge escorted us to our speedboat used exclusively by the hotel’s guests. The speedboat transported us to the island in 5 minutes, where we were picked up again, and transported to the resort. We arrived at Fairways & Blue water Newcoast hotel after 20minutes of driving. Checking in took approximately 20minutes.

The 150-hectare hotel sits on the northeast side of Boracay, occupying more that 10% of the island. The hotel has 600 spacious rooms, 6 swimming pools and an impressive 6,524-yard, 18 hole- championship golf course. We were delighted to secure a room with a picturesque view of the golf course.psx_20170119_191502psx_20170114_143623Boracay offers an assortment of activities for every traveller’s tastes. Thrill-seekers may parasail or zipline, marine life enthusiasts may scuba-dive, adventure seekers may venture out with guided boat tours to nearby islands, or if you just want to relax; enjoy a day at the spa.

Our only disappointment was the food. We anticipated fresh seafood, being literally by the sea. You know, a scrumptious grilled lobster or some fancy crab curry a la insert your favourite sauce, but unfortunately the three restaurants that we tried offered the usual grub such as club sandwiches, pizza, kebabs, and Filipino dishes like Lechon. Even though food was delicious and well presented, it was nothing special. In my humble opinion, Fairways and Blue water should up their culinary game to offer the guests something unique.psx_20170119_193535psx_20170119_183337psx_20170119_183301Other than the food, our 4 days spent at Fairways and Bluewater was pure bliss thanks to the friendly staff around the resort. We had a great time and most important we got to just sit back and relax which was our primary objective.

Next time, I intend to explore the island in-depth with the help of Boracay Compass, the ultimate guide for anyone visiting Boracay.  It has great tips and information about the island. Incase you are in doubt here are 10 Reasons To Make Boracay Island Your Next Vacation Destination.psx_20170119_193647Until then…..Life, Love and Pursuit of the next beach trip.


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