20180502_123822.jpgMy dream of becoming a yoga teacher came within reach after we moved to the Philippines in 2016. Stars aligned, and I eventually enrolled in the 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Yoga+ Makati in 2017. Read about my experience HERE.

Since then, I’ve never stopped learning. I’ve found that the beauty of practicing yoga as a teacher and student is there is always something new to discover and there is always room to grow and become a better version of myself.

As both a teacher and student, I often encourage people to practice yoga because of its many benefits. But if I could get a dollar for each time someone told me yoga is boring and they preferred Zumba instead, I probably won’t be a millionaire but I sure could already buy myself a one-way ticket to Morocco {God knows that place has been on my travel bucket list for ages!}

To these people, I say: GIVE YOGA A CHANCE! Like many hooked on moving and sweating the stress out, I also I love Zumba, running, going to the gym, and anything that allows me to shake my bonbons like Shakira. I’m all about fitness, leading a healthy lifestyle, and finding what works for you. I always come back to yoga because its benefits extend beyond the physical aspect. Not only can it complement our fitness routine or help us be strong, flexible, and toned. There is so much more we can learn through yoga poses and how we can apply these lessons in our lives.


I still remember during my teacher training, one of our instructors was trying to help me get into a pose, and I asked him why I couldn’t do it the ‘’x’’ way. He gently replied, ‘’Welcome to your body’’.

Yoga is a personal journey. We learn to listen to our bodies, and we practice with awareness, patience, compassion, and acceptance toward it. There are moments when we need to accept that there are poses that we can and cannot do and poses we can’t do—or at least, not yet.

During yoga, we are constantly reminded not to hold our breath. Instead we are always invited to tune in to our breathing, taking long and deep inhales and exhales. On and off the mat, breathing in naturally helps us to expand and create space, while breathing out helps us to relax and feel more grounded.

One of the things that yoga poses teach us is to practice stillness. To be still, we have to be focused and be present, uniting the mind and the body to cultivate steadiness. We train our minds to let go of any thoughts that might be distracting us so we can be stable.

I have found that the more I practice yoga and meditation, the more I become intimately acquainted with my mind. I am more aware of my thoughts. In the time that I dedicate for my yoga practice, I always make a clear intention to set aside any anticipation of what is to come and any worry of what has gone, giving my mind a break.

One of my teachers once told me, it is okay and human for thoughts to continuously flow in and out of the mind. The trick is to be aware, acknowledge these thoughts, and subtly let go or set them aside. The hardest yoga pose is letting go. But nothing is impossible; even a stubborn mind can be trained.

In stillness I choose to reconnect with my own breath, the strength and energy that flows within me. I choose to dance to the rhythm of my own heartbeat and the sound of my breath—a song so unique that only I can understand the beats.

In stillness I am grateful for every breath, for good health, and for everything positive and meaningful in my life. In stillness I choose happiness, peace within and around me, and love. I choose to be patient with myself and others. I choose forgiveness. I choose strength. In stillness I imagine myself in the best version of myself that I can ever be. I am who I am and not what other people think I am. I am capable. In stillness I learn to listen.

I am no saint but with these short positive affirmations that I feed my mind and soul with each time I step onto the mat I feel lighter. Little things that used to drive me to the edge don’t anymore! I have learned to walk away from trouble or situations that call for unnecessary confrontation. I have learned the art of creating my own happiness because at times, you have to be your own hero.

I hope whoever is reading this is inspired to take the journey within and experience the magic of stillness that yoga has given me.

“Yoga is a dance from within and then something inside you grows so big it spills out like champagne. That’s when you dance on the outside.”

– Tao Porchon-Lynch


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