Review | Samba Restaurant At Shangri-la Fort, Manila.

psx_20170101_173658To kick-start the New Year, I visited the Samba Restaurant at the Iconic landmark and luxury hotel at Shangri-La Fort with my family in tow. The restaurant impeccably immerses its patrons in Peruvian culture through the tantalizing flavors and rich colors of the nation’s traditional cuisine. Read more


Ayala Museum in Makati, Philippines

psx_20161120_202353After 2 months of living in Metro Manila I finally made it to Ayala Museum. A six storey Art and History museum located in Ayala centre next to Greenbelt mall. There are 60 handicrafted dioramas that show the Philippines historical events in a chronological order, from ancient to modern times and a collection of crafted ship models that contributed to the Philippine Maritime trade. A visit to Ayala Museum is literally a crash course on art, culture, history and background of this beautiful country and it’s people. It is worth a visit. Read more

Venice Grand Canal Mall in McKinley 

psx_20161101_123859The beauty of living in Metro Manila though, is the endless possibilities of things to do and places to see. Last week curiosity took us to Venice Grand Canal Mall in McKinley. The idea behind this creation was inspired by the architecture and waterways of the Italy’s most romantic city; Venice. It is a lovely place to hang out with friends. Very picturesque with brightly coloured house shops for the perfect backdrop.  Read more